In India, Cricket is a national vulnerability. On every field, in every street, in every gully, you can find young boys and girls playing cricket almost habitually. And then there are those brave hearts who take it up as a serious affair, practicing and playing for the schools or collegiate teams, for their respective states and even for the nation.  For these few who indulge in playing cricket regularly, it’s best advised to be equipped and prepared rather than deal with injuries and its severity.

So here are 10 must own cricket gear if you play the sport regularly.

1) Ball

A red, white or pink ball with a cork base

cricket grounds in bangalore

2) Bat

A wooden bat is normally advised. The wood used should be from the Kashmir or English willow tree. The bat cannot be more than 38 inches (96.5 cm) long and 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide. Getting the correct size bat is critical for the development of budding cricketers. It is vital that the bat is not too long and not too heavy to prevent good technique and fluent stroke play.

cricket bat

3) Stumps

The wickets together with the bails.


4) Collared shirt with short or long sleeves and Long trousers (often white)

If you are into professional training, most trainers would recommend you to go with white. But if you play the sport often, then you can wear the appropriate clothing irrespective of the color.

5) Spiked shoes to increase traction

The most important things to consider while buying cricket shoes are their comfort and grip. Spiked shoes are good for soft ground, whereas pimpled rubber soles are suitable for hard ground. You can also seek a combination of both types – spikes and pimples. Batsmen generally prefer shoes with sturdy spikes at the front for proper grip combined with rubber-treaded heels. Fast bowlers usually prefer shoes that have spikes at the front and back along with good support around the ankle area.

cricket shoes

6) Helmet (often with a visor) is worn by the batsmen and the wicket keeper.

A helmet should dissipate shock and hence minimize head injury. The helmet should have a good fitting. A good fitting helmet is worn with the peak usually protruding horizontally from the line of a batsman’s eyebrows. Apart from being steady and solid, a helmet needs to be light in weight. It should allow air flow apart from provision for a comforting sweat absorption material.

cricket helmet

7) Gloves for batsmen

Batting gloves will protect your fingers from injury. Thickly padded above the fingers and on the thumb of the hand, to protect against impact from the ball as it is bowled. When you are looking at and evaluating which batting gloves to buy, look at the fingers of the gloves to check that each finger of both batting gloves carries flexible padded areas. Also, check that the thumb of the bottom hand (left hand for a left handed batter and vice versa) sports extra protection.

cricket gloves

8) Leg pads for batsmen

Worn by the two batsmen to protect the shin bone against impact from the ball. Ensure that you get a pair, which fits your legs properly and is comfortable to wear. If you get a good pair of pads, which suits your style and stance, you will feel much more comfortable while batting.

cricket leg pads

9) The wicket-keeping leg pads and gloves

It is necessary that wicketkeeper gets a pair of pads that fit his legs and will aid smooth movement behind the stumps. Comfort and ease of use are the most critical factor. Look at the fingers of the gloves to check that each finger of both batting gloves carries flexible padded areas.

wicket keeping gloves

10) Safety glasses

Usually for wicketkeepers, to prevent damage to the eyes from dislodged bails impacting between the grill and peak of the helmet.

cricket safety glasses

These are the necessary cricket gear you need to own if you play the sport regularly. Make sure to check the specifications, and to invest in the right fit, size and equipment of the right measurement. Comfort is key when it comes to investing in the right pair. So hop into your best game gears and have a great match!

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