Sticking to a healthy routine is pretty difficult and all of us have been through those days when we are totally demotivated. Evidently, it is a good idea if you have a partner but when you are a part of any running clan, it takes the rush to a different level altogether. While flying solo may not be the cup of tea for every individual, for some people it works perfectly. Therefore, if you are one of them who always require that extra push to get up from bed, then building your own running clan is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Though the clan may take up several years for the right people to be in it, continuous efforts of staying fit always bear sweet fruits. All in all, here are 4 ways you can build your running clan:

  1. Do- Encourage Friends: This is where it all starts from; your friends are the ones who always have your back regardless the situation. Educate them about the benefits of running and once you have convinced them, ask them to add more people. Initially, lead the group until someone else takes the responsibility. If you want to divide the work, then ask people to take up certain responsibilities. For instance, request someone to choose the track, the required post, pre-meals and refreshments. As a result, individual duties will increase leading to more participation and enthusiasm eventually.
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2. Do- Alternate Duties: If you are the one arranging refreshments for the first week, make sure that this duty is alternated within the clan for the upcoming week. The leader also gets to decide which track to follow while running together. Additionally, ask for opinions before assigning a task so that the unity is maintained. Understand that conserving a clan is difficult and it will not be possible until everyone agrees with the plan. Furthermore, do not panic when someone leaves the clan as they do not concord. They will return if their intention is to run and be fit.

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  1. Do Not- Put on Headphones: When you decided to run with a group of people hailing from different backgrounds, you need to ditch those headphones. There is so much information and knowledge you can gain from these guys. Conversely, do not try to get too personal as this may pollute the healthy environment which is being built. As the say goes, runners learn from runners, try to keep this spirit held high. Anyway, you can ask them several questions like where do they love running the most, their favourite refreshment after the run and various similar questions.
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  2. Do Not- Pace-Up: Find runners who run at a similar pace like yours rather the risk of your injury increases. In contrast to the above point, do not slow down just to strike a conversation with a friend. To keep in check that you do not run too fast, keep talking to people but for lesser time. Understand that your pace has slowed down when you notice that you are running slower than your natural gait. Therefore, maintain the same pace and speed up only when you think your legs can take it.
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These were few tips and tricks from our side so that you can keep your running clan functional. If you are a part of such groups, do let us know!

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