This the guide to every soul that is tired of playing the same old sports. This is what you need in your life. This is what will change your world. Why haven’t you tried playing Ultimate Frisbee yet? Just go grab a Frisbee right away, gather up some friends and head out to the nearest ground to kick start your game.

But before that, you need to know why we are asking you to go play the sport. Do you mind taking a read?

1) No more “Why should boys have all the fun?”… Say hello to our Mixed Sport

2012 USA Ultimate Club Championships Saturday Action

The best thing about Ultimate Frisbee is that both men and women can be on the same team. So there’s no need to show any gender bias. This makes this sport more competitive and brings about an absolute balance in the game. This helps develops great sportsmanship between the individuals.

2) Helps you get better at Team Work and Socializing

ultimate socializing

Playing Ultimate means you are going to have to interact with every team member. This is a very relaxing sport where communication plays a very important role. So make sure you get those signals right and have a team code that the opposing team can’t read.

3) Forget the Gym! Ultimate tones your entire body

ultimate shots

Ultimate helps in working out your entire body, how? You use your hand to catch the disk, you stretch, swing and then release it. You have to also move on your feet to reach for the disk. Since the sport requires immense hand-eye coordination and demands you to always be on your feet, this helps you work out your entire body.

4) Releases your Happy Hormones

Are you too stressed from doing the 8-hour job every day? Does your sear add too much fat to your body? Are you sad and depressed? Then you definitely need to join an Ultimate Frisbee club. Look out for matches happening nearby and go be a part of it. This way you will get to meet a lot of new people who can make your life better. And also by playing this sport, endorphins are secreted. So it definitely boosts your mood.

Did we convince you just enough to take up the sport? Well, it is no harm in trying out something different for once. This way you can add one more sport to your list. Ultimate is totally fun. Once you start playing you are going to be needing more of this entertainment. You can also gather a group of your folks and start playing wherever you get space. All you need is a frisbee. Also, this is one of the most economical sports. How much does a Frisbee cost? Barely 200-300 bucks. So if you running short of money and you have nothing to do, then this should be your best time pass.

Shall we play some Ultimate today?

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