Cricket is the no.1 sport in India with people from age 5 to age 50 being always up for the sport. It is not only about the game but people notice much more than that and that is why the cricket stars make it huge in the endorsement sector. If you have noticed a cricketer’s life changes by leaps and bounds from the time he starts playing on an international level. People not only notice the game but also the way he presents himself, his jersey, the products he uses and his mannerisms.

Being a cricket fan is not only about watching the sport and it goes beyond.

Do we have a die-hard cricket fan here? How long have you been watching cricket? Do you pay attention to even the smallest of details? Can you find out the cricket star by the style of their shots? Can you guess the cricketer from their shadow? Can you identify the player using their jersey number?

Hmmmm! We are listening to you. Let’s check how much you have loved watching this sport with this tiny quiz:



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