Ever dreamed of showing off a glistening 6 pack? I’m sure everyone has. But the minute you realise that you need to go to the gym and do some boring repetitions of the same mundane exercise, all that motivation for chiseled abs just withers away.

But what if you could sculpt a neat six pack while doing something that’s actually fun? Like playing a sport, for example. That’s right, certain sport activities constantly engage your core, and playing them regularly can help you get the perfect 6 pack. Here are a few sports that are great for developing core strength.

1) Kayaking

This water sport can be extremely relaxing on a warm, sunny day. But if you take kayaking more seriously, you can have a glistening 6 pack in under a month!

kayaking pairs

The regular abdominal rotations in either direction will help to build your abs, core, and your back, improving your overall stability and increasing your strength. The regular rowing motion with the oars will also help build up the endurance of your chest and shoulder muscles.

2) Sprinting

Running, or sprinting, is an explosive activity that not only improves cardiovascular health but also gives your core an intense workout. Since this sport requires coordination of your arms and legs and taking powerful strides, it makes extreme demands on your core muscles, stretching and strengthening them.


3) Football

Just like sprinting, football requires a lot of powerful movement that works extensively on the core area. And with football, you’re required to make sudden twists and turns at a moment’s notice. These changes in momentum and direction can only be performed with the help of your core muscles.

football in summer

So if you’re looking for a quick and fun way to a six pack, football is your best bet.

4) Swimming

Besides being a nice way to cool off, swimming is a physically intensive sport that helps build the strength and endurance of your skeletal muscles.

swimming swimsuit

It’s nearly impossible to swim without contracting your abs, making swimming the best workout to develop a solid six pack. Of course, you need to learn how to swim effectively before this activity actually works on your abs. Splashing around in the pool like a toddler will do little to help your midsection.

Train Hard!

These are just a few sports that will help you develop a solid midsection and improve your overall balance, coordination, and core strength. But it’s important to remember that abs cannot be built overnight.

It takes a lot of practice, patience, and dedication to play a sport effectively. And once you can play properly, getting those abs will be a breeze.

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