Why everyone considers indoor sports to be played with less physical and mental requirement, it might be answered by a table tennis game. Table tennis is a sport same as a tennis, played on a rectangular table having either one-one or duo of players on either side of the table holding a small circular ping-pong thing with a small handle. India is lucky to be blessed with these Table Tennis players who never fail to surprise us with their amazing skills. With its increasing revolution across the world, this sport has also emerged as a section of interest in India.

Since its origin, India has also been producing numerous excellent table-tennis players, and few of them are as follows:

1) Sharath Kamal

sharath-kamal-achanta playing TT

India’s most skilled paddler is a man on a task. The 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympian needs to convey the squad on his shoulders at the third spectator area of Riocentro from August 6-17. Sharath Kamal has been doing amazingly well on the global circuit in the wake of missing the transport in London four years back. The Arjuna awardee is the first Indian to win a singles title on the ITTF Pro Tour.

An Ideal knee damage in 2015 deferred his Olympic capability till April this year. In any case, the 33-year-old table tennis star booked his place in the greatest brandishing occasion of the world subsequent to winning a gold in the men’s singles last of the Stage 2 occasion at the Asian Olympic competition.

2) Manika Batra

Manika Batra playing TT

Manika Batra is an Indian table tennis player who was born on 15 June 1995 in Delhi, India. She summons from Naraina Vihar in Delhi and began playing table tennis at four years old age. In 2011, Batra won the silver medal in the under-21 classification of the Chile Open. She symbolized India at the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Glasgow, where she completed quarterfinalist, and in addition the 2014 Asian Games. She qualified for the women’s’ singles occasion of the 2016 Summer Olympics by endearing the South Asia cluster of the capability tournaments in April 2016. Though her appearance at the 2016 Olympics fleeting, as she lost to Katarzyna Franc-Grzybowska of Poland in the first round of the women’s single occasion.

3) Soumyajit Ghosh

Soumyajit Ghosh serving

Early beginnings regularly deliver early outcomes. Bengal’s Soumyajeet Ghosh is a living declaration to it. Begun playing table tennis at five years of the age, it got a triumph in a U-12 national cadet title to get him snared to the diversion. In 2008 he got the attention of mentor Bhawani Mukherji while playing at the Junior Commonwealth Games in Pune and was soon preparing under his direction. In 2012, still in his teenager age, Ghosh figured out how to achieve the London Olympics. Nonetheless, his defining moment came when, he at 19 years old, defeated other tennis table players of India, Sharath Kamal and became the youngest player to win the National Table Tennis Championships. Ghosh vanquished his Indian countrymen Sharath Kamal, Harmeet Desai and Anthony Amalraj in the South Asian Zone capability occasion to meet all requirements for the Olympics at Rio.

4) Paulomi Ghatak

Paulomi Ghatak

Poulomi is known for her great execution in the different competitions. From her very early age, she began honing table tennis and was constantly enthusiastic about taking it up as her profession. Being prepared by Indian mentor, Tapan Chandra and Korean mentor Mekim, Poulomi began her tennis vocation in the year 1992. From her early days itself, Poulomi Ghatak was a fantastic table tennis player. With her commitment and enthusiasm towards the diversion, she became Junior National Champion twice. In the wake of accomplishing the credit of winning the junior level competitions, Poulomi continued for the senior levels.

With her unflinching state of mind and expertise, Poulomi again demonstrated her dynamic table tennis abilities by getting to be noticeable, Senior National champion twice. In the year 2000, she took a part in the Olympics Table Tennis title held at Sydney however because of the second thrashing she got disposed of.

5) Mouma Das

Mouma Das playing TT

Mouma Das was born on 24th February 1984 in West Bengal. She began playing table tennis on an undeniable premise from the year 1993. As of now, Mouma Das is the No. 2 player in India. Mouma Das is preparing herself for the training of Shri Jayanta Kumar Pushilal. A senior-level table tennis player, she had made a stamp for herself in the junior levels as well. One of the best accomplishments of Mouma was the bronze award she packed away in the 2001 Commonwealth Games, held in New Delhi.

Mouma Das also participated in the Women’s Doubles National Championship two times and furthermore took an interest in the National Senior Championship of 1999. She also took part in the Senior Asian Championship. Mouma Das became National champion three times in the sub-junior level, National champion in 2001 and National champion in Cadet.

The aforesaid players have been a pride for India and have served the country with their extreme ability as well as always tried to present a proud moment for the nation. With this article, it will be really effective to recall the names of some forgotten national table-tennis players.

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