Working out at home may not be as exciting as working out at the gym but staying fit despite a hectic schedule is important. The mentioned exercises do not need any equipment.

Before starting out the below-mentioned exercises, it is necessary to warm-up because it ensures that the body loosens up and blood flow is increased to your muscles.

Here are some warm-up exercises:

#1. Squats:

They focus on the hamstrings, glutes and quads. Start with a set of 2 with 25 rounds each. You can modify the speed and the reps according to your comfort level.

#2. Planks

Want to build your core strength? Plank is the best workout for it. After holding the plank for 30 seconds, you can move to side or forearm plank.

#3. Arm Circles

These will warm-up your arms for all the hard work they are going to do.

After you are done with the warm-up, it is time to move on to the workouts that you can do at home.

Here are 5 workouts that you can do at home:

#1. Knee Push-Up:

This workout will help you build your upper body strength and core, knee push-ups also increases your metabolism. Once you have built that strength, you can move to the variations of push-ups.

#2. Plank to Downward Dog

This will not only increase your shoulder but will engage your entire body. This can be repeated for 2 sets, 10 times each.

#3. Lunges

Lunges tone your body as well as strengthens your back, hips and legs. They also improve your stability and balance. You can do 3 sets of 20 rounds each.

#4. Bicycle Crunch

These are targeted towards your abs and is excellent for toning your thighs. You can do these 2 sets for 15 times.

#5. Dead Bug

The best exercise to strengthen your core, spine and back muscles. This one prevents any lower back pain and can be great for improving your posture.

You can do 2 sets for 10 times.

Now that you are done with all the workouts, let’s shift towards cool-downs. Most of us tend to ignore cool-down but they are essential for your body to recover and relax.

Cool-downs you must do:

#1. Knee-Chest Pose

Used to stretch your hips and lumbar spine which relieves the stress on spinal nerves. Hold for 15 seconds each.

#2. Quadricep Stretch

The stretch tones your quads and abdominal muscles. They also add flexibility. Hold the pose for 15 seconds each.

#3. Child’s Pose

This pose releases all the tension and helps stretch the things, hips and ankles. Because this will be your last position, you can hold it as long as you want.

While working out at home can feel a little boring, there are chances that procrastinating may seem tempting but don’t give in! These workouts will help you achieve all the fitness goals that you may have!

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