Hand-Eye coordination is the physical reaction to a situation through a virtual input which eyes provide to the brain and the hands respond. Having good hand-eye coordination helps the eyes and hands to perceive and work on the object simultaneously.

All the sports we play require a great amount of hand-eye coordination. Something as basic as solving a cube requires not only a mathematical formula but also a good amount of hand-eye coordination.

We start developing a complex cognitive activity like this as a child and develop it further as we grow-up if we indulge ourselves in activities like playing various sports.

Are all of us blessed with amazing hand-eye coordination? No. Can we work on the skills? Yes.

Here are a few drills you can do:

Before starting out with any drills, a little warm-up is required so that the body has enough blood flowing and is better prepared to face what comes next.

#1. Wrist Rotations:

Before starting the hand-eye drills, warming-up your wrist is absolutely necessary.

#2. Shoulder Rotations:

The usual shoulder rotations that we do before playing any game will do. This will awaken the muscles and can be done even sitting on your desk. Increase the size of the circles slowly.

The drills for hand-eye coordination:

#1. Juggling:

Juggling makes your brain focus on 2-3 things simultaneously and the stimuli make your hand respond to the objects seen virtually.


#2. Skipping Rope

We all skipped roped as kids. Remember, how we would also change the direction and movement of the rope? It helped in improving our hand-eye coordination.

Skipping Rope

#3. Balloon In The Air

This may look easy but it actually tough!

#4. Dribbling:

You can start this with bigger balls like Basketball and move on to smaller balls. The TT ball will put all your hand-eye skills to test!

#5. Wall Ball Bounce

Summer vacations went by doing this drill if we sat at home idle.

Now that you are enough pumped-up by the drills, it is time to do some cooling down of the muscles.

For easy drills like these, cool-down may seem a little trivial but let’s make cool-down a habit!


#1. Neck Stretch:

Just turn your neck on both the sides and hold it for 10 seconds each.

#2. Shoulder Stretch:

Both shoulder stretch and overhead tricep stretch will relax and calm your muscles down.

You may wriggle your legs and feet to provide them with some relaxation too. This can also help your mind de-stress at work and provide you with some refreshment!

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