You were just about to catch the ball, that formed a perfect parabola but dropped it by nano inches. Because your hand-eye coordination isn’t that great, maybe?


What do we mean by hand-eye coordination?

Hand-eye or eye-hand coordination is the sync between how accurately you can visually capture the object in motion and act according to the momentum.

In simple words, hand-eye coordination is the ability to receive information through eyes and direct your hands to accomplish the task.

Dhoni dives to left vs Bangladesh
A fine example of brilliant hand-eye coordination. Source.

How to ace this coordination?

There are several ways one can boost their hand-eye coordination and some of us are naturally blessed with it. While a few of us take some time to improve and become better at it. Are you struggling to improve yours, then we have a few drills for you!

Here are 4 easy drills you can do to improve your hand-eye coordination:

1- Play Catch: This is something that we have done since we were kids. Throw the ball against a wall and try to catch it. To make it more fun and interesting, throw the ball with right hand and hold it with left.

play catch with ball against the wall
Playing catch is related to improvement of
peripheral awareness. Source.

2- Jump Rope: Jumping a rope or skipping a rope can improve your hand-eye coordination by leaps and bounds. Make it enjoyable by introducing some fancy footwork.

a woman skipping rope
There are several options when it comes to skipping, it is fun and can help you tremendously. Source.

3- Juggling: When you juggle two or three objects simultaneously, your brain trains to focus on several things at once. Start with slow circles and with two balls, you can then increase the number of balls to 3-4.

Image result for juggling
Once you get a hang of it, you should add more distractions. Source.

4- Dribbling: This will not only increase your hand-eye coordination but even your patience. Start with bigger balls like Basketball and then move to smaller balls like Tennis balls. Start slower and then try to dribble with different hands.

Image result for dribbling
Cross dribbling is also advisable as it will require more coordination than normal dribbling. Source.

These are a few ways that you can improve your hand-eye coordination, tell us which one worked for you the best!

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