New Year is around the corner and we are sure that you have new resolutions and new ideas on how to stay fit and active.

You must have given up on several regimes because of lack of time, unfruitful efforts and several other reasons. The New Year is a few days away and we will fall into the traps of discounts, losing weight in a week and so on and so forth.

We have done these promises to ourselves several times over the years, written down on notebooks and glued to the wall. But have they worked? No.

Does this motivate you to try out something new, something that you have never tried out before? We have a few things that may help you get fitter and more active.

Here are 4 things you should start doing this year:

  1. Learn a new water sport: Know how to swim? Then try out new water sports like scuba diving, kayaking or surfing, whichever sails your boat. Water sports are fun, they improve your mental health and decreases the risk for Chronic Disease. Hydro running is also a thing now!
  2. Play sports regularly: All of us try to fit in playing a sport despite our hectic schedule. We have always emphasized the physical and mental benefits of playing a sport. Today we are caught up with jobs that do not give us much time to book a court or a ground daily. Therefore, we have introduced bulk bookings, which help you book the court for a long period. So, just book and forget!
  3. No equipment workout: Maybe the dumbells and lifts aren’t for you. Try to do some workouts at home like pushups, planks and skipping ropes. You can also do a few stretches at office when you feel that you have been sitting for long hours.
  4. Mix and match: Tabata and HIIT are some workouts that have several mixed up exercises that you can do. Apart from that, you can cycle in the morning and do a few home workouts in the night. Mix and match exercises to see better results.

Revamping your workouts or trying new ways to get fitter and better is always a good idea. These will help you learn more about new sports and will not let you get bored.

Let us know if you have tried any of these!

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