Working for long and seating in front of the system causes stress. So, step apart from the system, take your attention off the display. Devote a few instants emphasizing on your body.

A short stretching break is enough to feel revitalized. In fact, some researchers have proved that taking a much-required gap can assist in improving your productivity.

Just do all of these listed stretches or choose any to aim any of your body part that feels down.

Cat-Cow stretch

Shift on the front end of your chair. Make sure that your back is not leaning on the back of the chair. Put your hands on your knees. Now breathe in and hinge a bit forward enabling a little arch in your back. This pose is cow pose.

Gradually move front and back between the “cow” and “cat” stretches 10 times.

Hip Stretch

This is a great stretch for providing relaxation to your hips and enhancing your posture, enabling you to stand up in a straight position.

Trunk Rotation

The stretch is meant for relaxation of obliques. Squeeze in a settled oblique and twist your upper body in a way that involves your core while exciting your stabilizer muscle.

Chest Stretch

A stretch that opens up your chest and also relaxes your arms!

With an upright back, pull your tummy button in the direction of your spine. Force your chest onward and keep your stare straight forward. Seize this expanse for 30-60 seconds.

Neck Rotation

You don’t require to be in “ragdoll” posture of yoga to practice the relief that originates with letting your head balance down and rolling your neck. Help release shoulder and neck pain with this desk-friendly alteration.

Sit upright by placing your hands above your thighs. With your head slanted rear and stare to the ceiling, revolve your head left to right. Keep it doing until you make a complete rotation, plummeting your chin to your torso at the middle point. Reprise right to left. That is a single rep. Reprise 10 times.  


These are some of the easy and relaxing stretches you can exercise in office. These stretches not only make you relaxed but also make you feel refresh.

Adding these stretches to your daily routine doesn’t require any additional time and effort. Whereas, in return, you get tons of benefits! 

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