Do you like to bend it like Beckham and smash away like PV Sindhu? Is sports a religion to you too? If yes, then you must use our Playo App.

Playo is a sports-based mobile application where you can book venues, meet playpals, and learn all about sports. But we way more than just an app; we are a strong community of like-minded, sports-driven people.

If you still haven’t created your account, watch this short video that will guide you:

So, the big question.. How do you use the Playo app?

Well, its easy. Here’s how:

Build Your Profile on Playo

After, creating your profile on the app, you’ll notice things like Reputation badges, leaderboard and Karma. These are attributes of you that are on your profile which you can build up on.

Reputation badges is a community- driven reputation for your profile based on your sports ethics.

After every match you will be able to rate your Playpals based on various parameters like punctuality, team player and the ability to pay on time.

Remember, your Playpals can do the same for you, as they can rate you on the app as well.

The Leaderboard feature is important too. It shows you the total activity you have played from the time you joined Playo. (Upto last 3 months of activity is counted)

Peer Rank is your position in the leaderboard among your Playpals as per your activities played in the last 3 months.

Karma- Karma is our unique loyalty program which can be earned on being active on the platform and can be redeemed on making transactions through the app.

Answering questions on the community learn section will earn you karma too.

The reason Karma points are important is that you can redeem these points while making bookings. You can get up to 5% off on the gross booking amount.

Discover and Book Venues

At Playo, our goal is to make booking a sports venue a seamless process for the user. We have a wide range of venues to choose from, all over the country.

We also have an international presence. Some of the countries we function in are: UAE, Qatar.

After finding your preferred venue, you can easily choose the time slot of your convenience. Important details like venue location, rating, operational hours and available sports are easily noticeable.

You too can rate venues and share them with your friends.

We have a bulk deals section where you can pre-book bulk deals at your preferred time.

Not only that, we run various offers and discounts that one can easily avail.

We’ve take the stress out of booking and made the process super easy!

Here’s a short video on how to book a venue on Playo:

Events and coaching academies can be booked in this section too.

Play section on Playo-

The Play section is designed for you to see various sporting activities that are being hosted around you. You can search for activities in the sport or sports of your choice or even other sports.

You can either join for free, or the host of the activity may charge a fee to join. The details of the activity can be viewed easily and even the number of attendees.

The best part is that you can create your own activity. You can even decide who can and can’t join the activity. This is a great way to meet new Playpals and expand your circle.

In the event you want only players of your skill level to join, you can select that option in our advanced settings feature.

This video will help you understand better:

Learn Section- Latest feature on Playo

The Learn section on Playo is a section where people can come and learn about various sports. From basics to techniques, to nutrition, fitness and gear you can read and learn every aspect of a sport.

More than that, if you have any doubts, you can easily ask out vast community of passionate sportsmen and sportswomen.

Trainer led sessions is another amazing feature where you can take sessions, offline as well as online from our experts.

All you need to know about a particular sport or more in now in the palm of your hands!


Playo is the largest online sports platform for urban and passionate sportsmen and women.

Booking and playing a sport has never been easier, faster, and more convenient.

Come join our thriving community.

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