Venturing into a new year, the human mind is filled with tons of hope and excitement. There is a belief that the new year will bring good luck and things will get better overall.

It is a time when old is washed and new is born. The new year is absolutely the most awaited time of every year or should we trade it for Christmas instead? Haha! Better not.

Are you looking for a change in the coming year? Are you one of those people who can’t wait to self-analyze and throw out every toxic habit you’ve gathered in the past and start afresh?

You should know that according to a study only 8% of people keep their New year resolutions alive till the end and about 80% let go of everything by the time February has begun. That’s a sad thing to know. But you can change this habit as well. All of this needs patience and practice, bit by bit.

We think Sports can help you. Do you too?

Children are highly involved in Sports compared to the adults. Have you wondered why? Why do we encourage kids to go and play outside while we sit comfortably on the couch and binge-watch movies?

All of us know that Sports is super-healthy for us but then we chose to avoid it as we grew up with excuses like, “Not enough time”, “Growing old” and blah blah blah!

But did you ever think how awesome it would be to start playing again? Do you remember how you felt when you played sports as a kid? It was our best escape in the childhood days and it kept us hale and healthy. It is never too late to pick up a sport and start playing.

Winning a sports contest


We as grown-ups lack something that is vital in our day to day life. It’s Discipline. The core reason why kids were encouraged into taking up sports is to develop discipline and punctuality.

Sports have a set of rules that are to be followed. Only if the rules are followed, one can play the sport at its best. This pushed in the virtue of Discipline in the kids. And the second virtue is Punctuality.

All training started at a particular time and the students were requested to be at the spot at the specified time. If not, they were asked to run laps. This year, let’s vow to take up sports in our life. Let’s try and practice it every week, if not every day. Notice the change in your behaviour in a few days, you become more disciplined and you start to finish your work on time.

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Do you know that your focus tends to improve a lot when you start playing sports? This is because playing sports demands immense concentration. Only when you are highly focused, you can channel great shots.

Else, it doesn’t work in favour of you. This regulates your brain and improves focus naturally. Since most of us struggle with concentration in our day-to-day-lives, Playing sports regularly will help you thrash all such worries and build a confident YOU.

Building a healthier self

Your health demands primary attention once you reach a particular age. You need to keep track of what you are consuming and how you are burning your calories. It is essential to keep your tummy happy and your other organs happier. If not, they are never gonna listen to you. Since sports influences a person mentally and more physically, why would you not want to take it up for the greater good? This year make it a point to work on your health. Since sports is more fun compared to gyms, we suggest you start playing at least one sport that you love regularly and notice the change in your health. We bet you would never want to stop playing later on. Find time whenever possible, after work or during the weekend and articulate yourself. If you are that kind of a person who gets bored playing just one sport, then you have so many other options to choose from. There’s never a limit to it.

Let’s make Sports a habit this coming year and enjoy life beyond limits. What’s better than having healthy fun with your folks?

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