Yes, playing golf can help you. Here are the health benefits of Golf

Most people perceive golf to be a lazy sport played by rich people who have nothing better to do in life. Perhaps this notion of golf has risen from the fact that we watch a lot of movies that showcase overweight businessmen playing golf.

However, just like any other sport, golf offers a host of benefits to those who play it. Sure, it may not be apparent at first, but check out these surprising health benefits of playing golf regularly.

1) Burn Calories

While swinging a golf club does not burn nearly as many calories as running or swimming, playing an entire game of golf can burn anywhere between 1000 and 1500 calories. How, you ask?

golf burns calories

Well, playing an entire 18-hole game requires players to walk a good 9 to 10 kilometres. Add to this the weight of your golf bag with all its clubs in it, and you’re getting a solid workout! Of course, the intensity of the workout varies based on the player and the terrain of the golf course. But even on flat terrain, you’re sure to burn hundreds of calories.

2) Soak Up Vitamin D

Walking around the whole day on a fresh, green golf course also means that you’ll be exposed to the sun for most of the game. While too much sunlight can be injurious to our health, 30 minutes spent in the sun can work wonders for your skin and immune system.

golf helps boost vitamin D

Most people today tend to stay indoors and miss out on their daily supply of natural vitamin D which comes from the sun. By playing golf you can increase your intake of vitamin D and improve your overall health.

3) Works The Brain

A game of golf requires people to pay attention to detail, fine tune their focus, and use their brain to figure out the most effective ways to make a shot. All golf courses are designed differently, and your brain is challenged every time to find a way to deal with the puzzles laid out before it.

golf helps in mental health

Besides this, golf is a game of patience, and regular play will help improve your focus and teach you how to be more patient in all aspects of your life.

4) Healthy Heart

Just like any other physical activity, golf is an effective way to improve cardiovascular health. All the walking, swinging, and carrying golf clubs will help to improve blood flow throughout the body. The activity will give your heart a good workout, helping your body regulate the rate at which blood is pumped and decreasing the risk of heart-related diseases.

5) Improves Sleep

The mild workout offered by golf is enough to make us feel tired by the end of the day. Golf also helps to reduce stress by allowing players to spend time outdoors in a field covered in grass.

people playing golf

Experiments have shown that spending time outdoors and in nature can help alleviate stress. And the physical activity helps put you in a better mood. This is sure to banish insomnia and promote better sleep.

Don’t Take A Car!

Most of these benefits aren’t applicable if you decide to drive around the golf course in a car. So ditch the golf cart and walk instead! It’s much better for your health and will give you more time to catch up with your friends.

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