These basic Table Tennis shots are will help you play if you’re just a beginner.

For those of you looking to pick up a new sport, you should seriously consider playing table tennis. It’s perfect for a quick break when you’re at work and it’s a very relaxing sport when played for fun.
However, in table tennis, as in every sport, it’s important to learn the basic techniques if you want to enjoy the true nature of the sport. You’ll still be able to knock the ball back and forth, but you’ll never really understand the sport. So to help you out, here are a few basic table tennis shots you should brush up on.

1) The Forehand Drive

This action is similar to a military salute where you raise the bat to hit the ball. The best way to perform this shot is with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Once you’ve hit the ball, be sure not to overextend your arm to cross over your shoulder.
Be sure to take the ball at the peak of its bounce when performing this shot. To add a bit of pace and spin to the ball, swing hard with your forearm when connecting.

2) The Backhand Drive

The stance for this shot is the same, the only difference being that here your feet will be turned slightly diagonally towards your opponent. Bring the bat towards your body and swing outward, connecting lightly with the ball.
A common mistake here is when people use their shoulder to make the shot. Instead, focus on solely using your forearm. Remember to keep the bat angled closely and your arm bent even after you make the shot so you can return to a comfortable position to anticipate the next shot.

3) The Backhand Push

This is perhaps the easiest of all the basic shots out there, and requires very little practice to master. The posture of your body is similar to that used in the backhand drive. You need to bring the bat back and slightly upward towards your chest to anticipate the shot.
Instead of ‘hitting’ the ball, try gently brushing it with the rubber of the racket. Aim to slice the ball so it stays at relatively the same level as before. Most players end up scooping the ball, allowing the opponent an opportunity to smash.

4) The Forehand Push

It’s best to learn this shot with the help of an experienced TT player as it can be very difficult to master. And it’s even more difficult to learn when you don’t receive the ball a certain way, which is often the case when playing against a beginner. A more experienced player will be able to set up the shot and help you practice the forehand push.
This shot can feel a little unnatural at first, but it becomes easy with practice. You use the front side of the racket for this shot, and all you have to do is gently brush the ball when it’s at the peak of its bounce.

Practice Makes Perfect

With these basic TT shots, you can dramatically improve your game and enjoy it a lot more. Some of these shots are complicated, but with regular practice, you’ll be able to perform them with ease.

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