We have known many sports over the years but we must never have thought about sports that are played under out-of-the-box circumstances.

Most of the sports we know are played on regular rules and under normal circumstances. Have you ever given a thought to playing a sport that is not on land or places that we classify as normal?

A sport is an activity that we generally consider playing as a part-time activity or maybe even professional but we must never have thought that they could also be played under dangerous situations.

Here are a few sports that are unusual:


  • Oil wrestling


Oil Wrestling is one of the ancient competitions in Kirkpinar, Turkey and is held in June every year. Oil wrestling is part of a festival celebrated since 1357. In this competition, both players are covered in oil and try to wrestle the other to the ground. Nowadays, this type of wrestling has also become popular in many other countries.

  • Buzkashi

Buzkashi is a customary game of Afghanistan in which players mounting a horse try to drag a dead goat toward a goal. The game could last for days together and have certain limited rules. This is the national sport and passion of Afghanistan and there are over a hundred proficient teams.


  • Extreme ironing


Extreme Ironing is really a life-threatening sport. In order to play this sport, people go to a remote area and iron clothes and have named themselves “Ironists”. The competition is conducted at extreme altitude, hanging from cliffs, on top of vehicles or under water. Some people consider this as one of the most dangerous sports in the world.


  • Underwater hockey


Underwater hockey, alternately known as Octopush has the same rules as hockey but is played under the waters in a swimming pool. The game was originated in England in 1954 and first played as a world championship in Canada during 1980. Two teams of six players each have to push a puck at the bottom of the swimming pool. Each player wears snorkels and is required to come up every time for air.

  • Chessboxing


Chessboxing is the combination of two popular sports, boxing and chess. The game was acknowledged after having been seen for the first time at a boxing club in London. The two games have their usual rules and both the games are played in alternating rounds. Competitors must be talented in both boxing and chess and should win either one. Many chess boxing tournaments are held around the world including India, Iceland, France, Russia and Tokyo.

By now, some of these sports activities may have been heard about but they are still not like the ones we have regularly grown up hearing about.

The rules may be familiar but the circumstances are unheard of, yet they are gaining popularity and acceptance. The risk involved is high, but so is the entertainment.

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