Two is always better than one and that’s why we have our Hybrid Sports.

So anytime you get bored of your favorite sport or you wanna be up to something new, here’s a list of 5 best entertaining hybrid sports that are sure to keep you gripped.


“Whaaaaat!” – Yeah my reaction too!

Also known as Disc Golf, a Frisbee (or) a flying Disc is used in the sport. A Frisbee throw in an area similar to the Golf course, instead of holes, baskets are used to hold the disc – that’s the idea. GAME OVER!


A combination of Polo and Lacrosse, this sport is played world-wide. It is an outdoor game where the players mounted on horses are made to track a soft rubber ball using a fiber stick, similar to the one used in Lacrosse. Points are scored when the ball is made to pass through the opponent’s goal post.


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Sounds like fun isn’t it? With a total of 11 rounds, Chess and Boxing are played in alternative rounds beginning with Chess. The Winner is chosen if any one of the opponent is knocked out in the boxing round or ends up with a checkmate in the chess round. So what do you think? Are you up for this challenge?


What do you get when you combine Football with Volleyball? It’s Footvolley. It’s a two versus two game in which the players are not allowed to use their hands during play. A Football is replaced with a Volleyball in this sport.


Tennis polo (or toccer) is a field sport where two teams of ten players (nine field players and one goalkeeper) use a tennis ball to score goals by throwing the ball

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Tennis + Polo + Handball + Football = Tennis Polo (or) Toccer

A Polo-natured game where Tennis racquets are used in play with both Handball and Football techniques is called Tennis Polo. The first Tennis Polo game was played during 2004 in United States.

Have you tried playing these sports? Would you like to see more combinations of sports coming up? Which two sports do you think will make up for “THE BEST HYBRID SPORT EVER”?

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