Fitness has been a key issue and an important talking point these days. So while a few hit the gym, run or play a sport, there’s another set of people who love to walk it away. Though not as intense or even as impactful in terms of helping burn calories or shed the extra kilos, a lazy walk too has its set of benefits that set it apart and makes it for a must add-on to any fitness regime.

1) Easy yet full of impact

A lazy walk in the park or out in the open doesn’t need any special equipment or even specific footwear. You could just be you as it is and take a long, lazy walk.

What’s better, it helps shred some weight off; slowly but surely.

It is perfect means if you are thinking of starting down the road to fitness again. Not too taxing on the body or joints but helps in increased metabolism and hence, better fitness levels.

2) Enjoy the surroundings

So while you are either running, wherein you race past the surroundings or playing a sport, where you are deeply immersed into it or even a gym, where you go indoors; you fail to enjoy the nature and get a glimpse of the beautiful, serene surroundings.

enjoy the surrounding while u take a walk

A stroll in the garden, walking past the trees or a walk in the outer concourse with the city lit up beautifully, it makes for a scenic view and one you wouldn’t want to miss.

3) Reduces Stress

High levels of stress can be fatal. So if you are suffering from stress, get up and get walking. Even other fitness exercises or sports can help achieve the same but for the ones who are not too much into it could walk their way to a stress-free world.

a happy person taking a walk

Walking daily is a healthy way to release endorphins which will boost your mood, make you feel good and helps de-stress.

Now please smile!

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4) Cost Effective

So as mentioned above that walking doesn’t require any special equipment or specific footwear, it helps cut down on the cost. What more? No Gym fee or cost of fuel.
A lazy walk to the market helps you cater to all the daily home needs for which you would have taken an auto or a richkshaw. This just doesn’t help you but also the environment, which in return benefits you.

But yes, please remember to not pick an ice cream on the way!

5) Good for the brain

So all the walking you do with the feet helps the muscles up in the brain as well. Walking does much more than work the area underneath your neck. It also has extensive cognitive benefitsimproving memory in seniorscognitive control and academic performance in pre-adolescents, and helps boost creativity in the young and healthy.
What more would you want?

walking is cost effective

So take walks before your important days and relax yourself with the walk, de-clutter the mind and enhance your memory and creativity to make yourself stand out and counted on the day.

So mom’s, please allow your kids to go out for a 15 minute walk at least before the exam. You could accompany too.

6) Helps you think and meet yourself

When we walk, we think! And with walking being a low intensity activity, the mind is free and tends to work on internal matters. This is the time one can think of their problems and get the best ideas and solutions.

It also serves as a kind of meditation which relaxes the mind completely and helps you meet your inner self and focus better in life.

No more cribbing while taking those lazy walks… Have fun!

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