Living around Marathahalli and looking for spots where you can make your weekends count? Ufff… Super Ditch the Pub-hits, Dance-nights, Liquor-overflow, Movie-Dates, Lazy-Bedtime, Park-walks or whatever you do usually and get back to Football; Because Football misses you. This is your sweet time for that get-together with your buddies of the past.. It’s time to catch up among your busy schedules so we suggest you the best football turfs you need to check out around Marathahalli. 

1. Active Arena

Location: Marathahalli

Landmark: Croma

Active Arena on Playo

Active Arena, Marathahalli

Active Arena is the night owl and the morning bird of the Football venues as it is open full-time. The Football facility laid out at the venue can support 5/7/9 a-side matches. The venue has got every facility that you would be expecting for at a football venue, from parking to Change rooms, lockers, showers etc. The venue also houses a Gallery for the viewers. Badminton lover? You’ve got facilities for the shuttle sport as well.

 2. Astro Arena

Location: Off Marathahalli-Sarjapur Road

Landmark: Prestige Tech Park

Astro Arena Sarjapur Road

Astro Arena, Off Marathahalli-Sarjapur Road

Astro Arena has a neatly laid out football turf at the venue. It supports 3 Astro-turf football facilities. While two turfs can be used for 5 a-side matches, one turf is good enough to host a 7 a-side match. The grounds are open from 5 am in the morning to 11 pm at night.

 3. Soccer City

Location: Marathahalli

Landmark: Innovative Multiplex, Absolute Barbecues

Soccer City, Marathahalli

Soccer City, Marathahalli

Soccer City has a 5-a-side football turf spread out at the venue. The turf is open for play from 6.30 am in the morning until midnight. You can drive to this spot and not worry about parking as the venue holds enough space for vehicles.

 4. Pretty Sports Drift

Location: Chinnapanna Halli

Landmark: Lotus Park

Pretty Sports Drift, Chinnapanna Halli

Pretty Sports Drift, Chinnapanna Halli

What more do you want out of a venue that is open 24 hours? You can walk into Pretty Sports Drift any time of the day and we assure you the doors will be always open. The venue has 2 Football facilities which can support 6-a-side Football. The turfs are of supreme quality and one of the best in Bangalore. They also have other basic facilities and 5 Badminton courts as well.

 5. New Gurukul Sports Club

Location: Marathahalli

Landmark: Varathur Kere

New Gurukul Sports Club, Marathahalli

New Gurukul Sports Club, Marathahalli

New Gurukul Sports Club is located in Varathur Main Road, only few metres away from the Gurukul Sports Academy. This venue has facilities for various sports and Football is one. They have 3 Football Facilities laid out with Astro-Turfs that supports 5-a-side football and is open from 6 am in the morning until 11 pm at night.

6. Matrix Sports Soccer Centre

Location: Bellandur

Landmark: Cessna Business Park

Matrix Sports Soccer Centre on Playo

Matrix Sports Soccer Centre, Bellandur

Football Enthusiasts, don’t forget to check out Matrix Sports Soccer Centre located very close to a huge landmark, Cessna Business Park. Not only the weekends, you can also drive to this spot from your tiring day at office during weekdays with your colleagues and cherish some sporty moments. It has a 6-a-side Astro Turf Football facility open from 5 am in the morning until 4 am the next day. The Football can be hired at the venue itself. Pretty cool na?

 7. iBlitz Sports Club

Location: Panathur

Landmark: 5 mins from Embassy Tech Village

iBlitz Sports Club, Panathur

iBlitz Sports Club, Panathur

No more excuses to play Football, iblitz Sports Club offers you two super good Astro Turfs where you can drive in with your buddies and play a good game of 5-a-side Football. This venue is open from 4 am in the morning until midnight, so walk in to Iblitz and have some fun.


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