Research indicates that couples that play together, stay together. It follows that taking part in sports with your significant other can improve your relationship off the playing field. Not only will you bond over a shared activity or learn something new, you’ll stay fit. And who doesn’t love a fit significant other?

In addition to all that, you can take mental pride in reaching shared exercise goals and build teamwork skills that are vital in relationships. So here are some suggestions for sports activities that couples can engage in.

# Running


First of all, of all the forms of exercise, running is the least complicated. Couples can wake up, throw on running clothes, and just go for it, no prep needed. And even if you run at different paces, you can attempt to keep in pace (he can run a little slower, and you a little faster).

And that runner’s high? It’s documented by science and reality. And who better to be with on mile three when you get that rush of endorphins than with the man you love?

# Golf

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Golf is one of those amazing sports that can be played by couples of any age, so if you’re a little older you don’t have anything to worry about. During the week you can hit balls together at the driving range and at the weekend you can play a whole course.

And since you’re not running around like a crazy person, it’s the perfect environment for talking at the same time as playing. Just make sure you’re quiet when someone is ready to hit a shot.

# Boxing

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Doing boxing workouts together will really knock you out! Boxing is an old sport that’s become new again. Many fitness clubs offer up kick-boxing classes. Some also have punching bags for their members to use.

Boxing is a good way to relieve stress and build muscle strength and endurance. There are many types of punches (underhand or crossover jabs) and kicks, using proper stances for power, that will keep you going and give you a workout. Nothing builds intimacy between couples like blowing off some built-up steam with a good like boxing session with your special someone.

# Cycling


An honest-to-goodness great form of cardio, biking is also blissful. Everyone should know how to ride a bike and cycling is easy once you get the hang of it. If you don’t want to ride a bike with thin tires and strange handlebars, you can always use a mountain bike.

When it’s hot outside you will love going for long tours of the countryside and you can even throw a picnic inside your backpack and stop somewhere for lunch. Just like snowboarding there is also the option to go on cycling holidays all over the world.

Cycling is great for your legs, lower back and upper body. Don’t forget your helmet and water bottle.

# Racket Sports (Tennis, Badminton)

Racket Sports

Racket sports are a great way for couples to get some exercise while spending quality time with your partner. Tennis, badminton, and squash all offer up similar benefits, including increased muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

Couples can play singles or doubles depending on how much exercise they want to get. Racket sports, especially at a competitive level, require some speed, strength, agility, and other specific skills. All of the games involve starts and stops with short bursts of energy and short periods of rest. To prevent injury, do a good full-body warm-up before you play, and stretch afterward.

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