Once you’ve got the basics down, basketball can be a really fun way to blow off some steam. It requires a mix of skill, agility, and endurance to play this game properly, and it can be very difficult at first. But with practice, it gets a lot easier.

The question is – what to practice?

Well, for those of you who are unsure about what skills you need to master, here are a few basics that will improve your gameplay.

1) Dribbling

Dribbling is like the bread and butter of basketball games. Without dribbling, there can be no basketball, so before you do anything else, learn how to dribble!

This skill is essential if you want to move across the court, pass to a teammate, or avoid your opponents. It takes a bit of practice, but in 3-4 days you should get the hang of it.

2) Passing

Basketball is a team game, and without effective coordination with your teammates, this sport becomes quite boring. To improve how you play as a team, you have to learn how to pass to your team members.

Passing helps a person avoid direct confrontation with an opponent while allowing them to set up various shots. To practice this skill, have a friend stand somewhere on the court and ask another person to try and take the ball from you. Now, try passing the ball before your ‘opponent’ gets it.

3) Shooting

This skill is crucial because, in basketball, points determine who is winning the game. And by learning to shoot properly, you can help your team win the game.

Of course, there are several ways to shoot in basketball. But the most common ones would be the layup, three-pointer, and the free throw. Besides these 3, you can also learn techniques like the dunk, alley oop, or hook shot. The more types of shots you know, the easier it will be to score points and win the game.

4) Fouls

It may seem strange that fouls are one of the skills in this list, but few beginners know how important it is to learn to foul at the right time. A foul is usually of two kinds.

  • Where the defender makes unintentional/intentional contact with an opponent
  • Where the ball-handler is aggressive towards the opponent defenders

You can use a foul strategically to stop the clock or to prevent an opponent from scoring a basket. It may sound unsportsmanlike, but it’s an effective technique and one worth trying.

Play A Lot!

It’s not enough that you simply practice these techniques with a friend or a coach; you have to play the game every day to get the hang of it. This will help you understand your body a lot better and prevent injuries when you decide to play a real match. Playing a game will also allow you to practice the techniques mentioned in this list.

So play regularly and practice hard, and soon, you’ll have understood the game a lot better.

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