These are some of the worst health habits that are doing you more damage than good.

WORST HEALTH HABITS | Healthy is the new buzz of the town. While everybody is striving to be healthy, seldom do people really know the right method to it.

A lot of experts tell about the things one should do to get healthy. Here’s a look at the things one should give away to become healthy:

1) Prejudice about Food

People would tell you to not eat fried food, shun pizzas and burgers, look beyond red meat and feed more on boiled vegetable and chicken/ fish. But in all honesty, a healthy body needs all kinds of food and it is what you couple it with which makes the world of difference.

Junk food

Try not to restrict any food from your diet because they will become more attractive when they are forbidden. “Instead, allow yourself the food in moderation and slowly enjoy every aspect of flavor, texture, and aroma so you are truly satisfied,” one of the diet experts said.

So, let go of those orthodox talking of banning a food from your list but consume it in control.

2) Extra hours on Play Station or XBOX or Phone

Relaxing and recreation are very important. And though one might love playing games on the Xbox or a Play Station or using some applications in your mobile, it is recommended to do it for a little time and use the remaining available time to go outdoor.

extra hours of gaming

Fresh air, physical activity not only helps get body in shape but refresh the mind and give birth to a healthy body.

So it would be a good idea to shun your Xbox/Play Station and/or Mobile phone every once in a while and hit the ground or a court or maybe even a gym or a dance class.

3) Losing on sleep

Understand work hours are long, but losing on sleep is the worst idea and the biggest punishment you could give your body.

Get enough sleep everyday

“Sleep loss is the number-one culprit that can throw your hunger cues out of whack,” according to an industry expert.

On the flip-side, extra hours of sleep aren’t ideal either. So maintain the perfect balance and sleep the right hours.

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4) Crash Dieting

Dieting prescribed by doctors doesn’t mean that you skip eating food. It is about eating the right things and the right kind of food.

Depending on one’s body, metabolism, etc. there are different kinds of food that suit a body. While some bodies might act well to carbohydrates, some might be suited to fat, other to protein and some to a mix of a few.

No crazy diets

Studies show they don’t work, they slow your metabolism, and you will gain all the weight back. If it’s making you dizzy with hunger, it’s definitely not a long-term solution.

So don’t eat less, eat right.

5) Drinking

While drinking is fun, it should be restricted to being once in a while and in control. Also, drinking on an empty stomach is an absolute no no.

drinking should be curbed

And most importantly, eat healthy snacks with the drink and avoid eating those fries or fried chicken/fish.

Get rid of these and you may attain fitness.

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