Forts belong to those who guard them strongly with a commitment of not giving up because you are in the last line of defense and you are the shield of its pride. You cannot allow even a smallest of slip to give you a slip. It can be a catastrophe in the making. The custodian of soccer also needs to possess the same instincts. Goalkeeping is always an all important and a high-risk job which only a brave heart can undertake. He is the one who keeps his team in the game in a number of ways.  Even if you have stepped into the shoes or have been into the trade, absorb the following nutrients into your gaming to be a world-class goal keeper.

To get into the groove, wear the right kit and right attitude. Let’s look into the most important ones which will help you be in the game.

Eye Cheaters (Bright Jersey)

goalkeeper jersey

Bright colored jersey of the goalkeeper is sufficient to distract the opposition striker from taking a shot at the unprotected angles of the goal post.

Hand Padders (Gloves)

goalkeeping gloves

Goalkeeping gloves are the most important equipment for the goalies because they add to gripping the ball more effectively, protect and cushion your fingers and palms, and help you block and punch the ball. And this sets the difference between a brilliant save and good effort.

Firm Footers (Shoes)

firm footers

For every soccer player, the right pair of soccer cleats is of paramount importance for them to perform at the highest level right from the first whistle. Each position is going to have specific boots that are more suited than others. The goalkeeper needs a comforting pair of cleats which aid him in performing his acts with ease, during tense moments like jumping for the ball, long distance kicking and even while running on a wet field.

Their Making

Conical studs are for strong pivoting, stop and go qualities. Bladed studs are for traction qualities, exploding, accelerating. Triangular is a mixture of both. The upper is the material your cleat is made out of. The leather is becoming the standard for high-end cleats so consider that.

Thigh & Hip Padders (Shorts)

Wearing the right one is of paramount importance to the goalkeeper because it is instrumental in protecting the hips and legs from scrapes and bruises occurring out of diving and sliding.

Foot to Knee Cover (Socks)

Long socks are widely preferred because they cover shin guards of the goalkeeper, protecting the lower legs from blows during skirmishes near the goal.

Vocal Connect

de gea shouting

It’s your vocal communication that helps you to get the desired outcome of your team members all through the 90 minutes of the game. Because it speaks your view of the game, even though it is the last line of defense which is equal to that of any other on field player.

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It is the mark of a champion the secret to achieve the unimaginable, even against a strong opposition. You got to have it in you because without it you are a big NO. But how do we build it?

Just some important dos will make a world of difference.

Physical Training

Give yourself rigorous physical training because the more you train better is your grip on the game and belief in yourself to win even a tough outing.

iker casillas training

Focus on what is within your reach to boomerang your energy level and take the opposition to the task. The complexion of the game will change and your team might well be on course to victory.

Your positivity is your strength and will be instrumental in sidelining the opposition.

Be a polite mentor to yourself. Be big at heart to forgiving yourself on the mistakes committed and polish them for a shining performance because good mentors are always forgiving and positive.

The sooner you own them, bigger will be the belief in yourself.

Always Look For the Ball

goalkeeper tips

When into the game always look for the doodling of the ball, not the legs behind. At the same time make your hands follow the direction of your eyes to thwart any shot

Don’t Wait in Your Territory

You will have to step out of your comfort zone and charge with aggression in your line of defense. This will distract your opposition, force him to commit a mistake and the situation will be in your hands.

Reading the Body Language of the Opposition

It will help you plan your moves better and make your opposition hit off target.

Techniques to Get Hold of the Ball Coming Towards You

If the soccer ball is coming towards your chest/face use the ‘W’ technique in which your eyes are behind the ball and hands set to hold it. If the soccer ball is directed below your chest use the ‘scoop’ technique in which hands and palms have to face the ball, elbows slightly bent to reduce the impact and scoop the ball towards your chest.


goalkeeper diving

You should always try to land on your side and grip the ball fast into your stomach. Don’t dive in your head first, instead perform the dive from the side to protect your head.

Game with the Feet

Watford vs Birmingham City- npower Championship

You don’t have to be exceptional with your feet to control the ball but should have possessed the ability to receive, pass and clear the ball with precision. This is extremely necessary so that your team members have no hesitation in passing the ball back to you when they are in a tight spot.

Negotiating a Cross

Going up for crosses is a matter of sheer timing coupled with your confidence. This will help you stop the opposition from scoring off a header while negotiating a corner kick. To get the best possible elevation, jump off one leg and lift the knee that is facing the play. The keeper should attempt a diamond catch while moving toward the ball before grabbing the ball into the chest. If not possible try punching the ball away.

Enriching yourself with these right nutrients, will supercharge you for a great gaming experience and make you a prideful asset of your soccer team.

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