MAINTAIN YOUR BADMINTON RACKET | If you play Badminton regularly, you should maintain your Badminton racket properly or else it may not last long.

The racket is a badminton player’s weapon on the court. Without it, a badminton player cannot enjoy the sport he/she so dearly loves.

But most of us do not recognize this and fail to treat the racket as one of the most prized possessions we own. This is why after just a year or two, most players need to purchase a new racket thanks to some mishap that occurred with the old one.

And just think of the time and money that went into buying a racket that suits your gameplay. Do you really want to let that investment go to waste?

Of course not! So if you’re looking to prolong the life of your racket, here are a few tips to help you out.

Eyes On The Prize

For starters, keep your racket in a place where it can be easily seen. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to sit and stare at your racket all day, but it’s important to know where your racket is so you can avoid any unseen accidents.

Avoid The Heat

It’s advisable to store your racket in a cool, dry place and keep it away from direct or indirect heat as much as possible. Now, most of you probably won’t place your racket on a hot surface, in contact with direct heat. But a lot of players tend to leave their badminton rackets in the car before heading out.

In broad daylight, cars tend to heat up and this, in turn, will heat your racket. Most rackets are made using carbon, and when your racket gets heated, the carbon molecules in it tend to get misshapen and pulled due to the string tension. This can seriously damage your racket in the long run.

Ditch The Bag

Most of us tend to place our badminton rackets back on their cover once we’re done playing. This can cause problems as moisture or sweat tend to enter the bag along with the racket. The moisture can cause the racket to get slightly misshapen over time. Instead, you can hang your racket from a hook or nail on the wall.

Check The Strings

You must check your strings regularly for any signs of breakage. And if you happen to notice the signs, it’s best to change strings immediately. Most players will tell you to wait till the string breaks, but any sign of breakage implies that the tension on the strings is not evenly balanced, and this can adversely affect the frame. If a part of the string happens to break during a game, it’s best to cut the string out as the unbalanced tension can cause the racket to get misshapen.

Also, when you first string your racket, play a couple of practice games for the first few days. Avoid smashing and other aggressive maneuvers and give your string the necessary warm-up it requires.

Treat It Well

Besides these techniques, it’s easy to take care of your racket if you resolve to treat it well. Don’t scrape it on the ground, clean it regularly, and treat it like you would any of your other prized possessions. This will ensure that your racket stays intact for years to come.

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