Indian Premier League, commonly known as IPL is a T20 Cricket league played in T20 Format. It was established in the year 2008. The IPL league is based on round-robin group and knockout format. The teams represent major Indian cities. Matches usually start in the late afternoon as well as in the evening under the floodlights. This is to get the maximum attention of the television audience for the worldwide broadcasts.

Like everything has its benefits and limitations, there are some good things, few bad and little ugly things about IPL.

Let us know about them in detail:

Good things about IPL:

The best thing about IPL is that it gives chances to players who are seeking an opportunity to prove themselves. There are many players who have been given chance in the last few years and have left no stone unturned to prove themselves. The same is the case this year as well.

There are many players who have been given a chance so that they can have a bright future.

Players also learn how to play as a team with people who come from different culture and traditions and get to know more about each other. Another good thing about IPL 2019  is that the players would learn to play under pressure and handle tough situations when playing against each other.

The best thing that people like about this game is that it is very entertaining. It is played just for 20 overs and hence lasts for very less time as compared to the match which is for 50 overs. So people stay glued to the television screen.

The fact that most of the players who used to play for the same national team , now play for different IPL teams is appealing. The other good thing about it is that it provides employment to a lot of people.

Last but not least there are many retired players who are coaching various teams. It is really good for them as they can stay in touch with their game.

Bad things about IPL:

Because of IPL people has lost their interest in test matches. Test matches are considered to be the ones which prove the player’s real capability that includes stamina, strength, skills, temperament etc.

But audience now prefers watching IPL T20 matches over the traditional test matches.

The worst thing about it is that there is a scope of strategies of Indian player being revealed to overseas players when they are playing together for the same team.

Furthermore, the advantage of the home ground is lost as the overseas players now get used to playing on our pitches and in all type of weather conditions.

Ugly things about IPL:

The ugly thing that happened a few years back was with the match-fixing and hopefully, nothing of that sort happens in IPL 2019. Another unpleasant thing that people find with IPL is that many players who retired internationally continue to play in IPL.

There are instances of people taking early retirement from international cricket to focus on T20 leagues like IPL.

But if you are a cricket lover, do not bother much. Enjoy your summers watching IPL 2019 and cheering for your favourite team and players.

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