The 12th season of Indian Premier League is going to start in few days. This has been the most entertaining cricket league ever. The eleven years of IPL have seen some heartbreaking, some dramatic and some funny moments on the field.

Let’s cherish some of the memorable funny moments of the Indian Premier League.

1. The ‘Silent’ Pollard – IPL 2015

Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard are those two West Indies cricketers who are famous for their humorous nature. These two playing against each other is bound to give some memorable moments. In the 8th season of IPL Mumbai Indians player, Kieron Pollard initiated a talk with RCB blaster Chris Gayle. But Pollard was interrupted by the Umpire.

Following that, he was seen with tape on his mouth in the next over. It was one of the spontaneous and hilarious moments from Pollard on the field for the Chinnaswamy Stadium crowd in Bangalore.

2. A Kiss from Warner to Pollard- IPL 2013

During one of the IPL matches between Sun Risers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians, David Warner was facing Kieron Pollard. They were exchanging few words initially. Then Pollard bowled a dot ball. Although Warner tried to hit, he failed.

When Pollard walked up to say something, Warner tried to sledge and blew a flying kiss to Pollard. The usual ‘drama king’, Pollard didn’t like it at all. In reply to that Pollard gave one of the funniest reactions on the cricket field. Thus the very expressive Pollard has been part of IPL funny moments a number of times.


3. Gayle Chased Yuvraj – IPL 2015

It was one of the matches of IPL 2015. Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore were facing each other. As the rain started, all of the players were walking towards the pavilion quickly to save themselves from getting wet. On his way back to the pavilion, Yuvraj Singh who was playing for Delhi pushed Chris Gayle in a friendly manner.

These two used to be RCB teammates earlier and share a warm equation. The West Indian hitman reacted spontaneously by chasing Yuvraj with his bat. It looked like Gayle would hit Yuvraj at any moment. This brought the charm back of a rather disappointed crowd.

4.‘Bhangra’ at RCB Dressing Room- IPL 2015 & 2016

Royal Challengers Bangalore team members are famous for their fun-loving nature. The captain of the squad, Virat Kohli is a Punjabi music lover and he makes sure to add a bit ‘bhangra’ flavour to each celebration. During 2015 Indian premier league, a video saw the skipper, the superstar Chris Gayle and charged up Mandeep Singh dancing on ‘bhangra’.

This is almost a regular scene in the RCB dressing room.  Even after reaching final in IPL 2016, they shook legs in Punjabi songs. Gayle is always among the ones to start these celebrations with Kohli and Mandeep partnering him.

5. ‘DJ Bravo’ In Mood- IPL 2018

Kieron Pollard is usually one of those to create moments on the field. But this time it was his West Indies teammate Dwayne Bravo who took the lead. In IPL 2018 Bravo was playing for Chennai Super Kings and Pollard was representing Mumbai Indians. In one of the matches, Bravo took the important wicket to Pollard to give MI a blow.

When Pollard was walking to the pavilion, Bravo came in front of him and started teasing him. Pollard reacted with a smile. Post the match both were together for interviews. Bravo was anyway dancing and teasing Pollard when the famous song, ‘DJ Bravo’ began.  

Bravo’s mood was set. He started his signature steps. Thanks to his dancing that Pollard was out the stage eventually. Finally, Pollard reacted by giving his colleague a little push.

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