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The name suggests that Joggling is the combination of two sports; jogging and juggling. The participants are called Jogglers. This sport was recognised long back during early 1970’s and is slowly gaining popularity. At first, it may seem like a silly activity but once you start joggling, comprehension of the sport occurs eventually. 

What Are The Rules?

  • While Joggling a pattern must be maintained. One cannot stop juggling and hold the objects in hand during the race.
  • If the ball or juggling object is dropped, the joggler must return to the point where the object was dropped and restart from there. 

What Do You Need To Possess?

  • You need to be fit enough to run long distances along with the balls.
  • You need to know basic juggling tips and tricks. Generally, three balls are used for juggling and those balls should be juggled till the end.
  • Good amount of patience is required as you have to master juggling. Concentration would be the next quality so that you can jog and juggle together. 

Tricks You May Need:

  • Juggle obstacles: You may find some sort of obstacle on your path during the race. How do you overcome them? Either juggle one of the balls high enough so that you can push aside the obstacle and continue juggling. Or just jump over it!
  • Cascading tricks: Other people will watch your juggling tricks only for some time, later on, the attention will shift to other jogglers. Therefore, do not get nervous. Learn other tricks so that you can entertain yourself during a long race. 


  • The World Joggling Competitions are held every year as a part of International Jugglers’ Association where anyone can participate. The current format of IJA includes races starting from 100 meters to 5 kilometres. 
  • Competitors in 100 meter 7 ball need to demonstrate their juggling skills with 7 balls before they participate in the competition. 
  • Competitors in 400 meter 5 ball event need to first finish 100 meters 5 ball in less than 90 seconds to qualify for next round. 

Doesn’t this sound interesting? Remember to smile so that your competitors think that you are a pro and also to relieve yourself from the stress of performing. 

Happy Joggling!

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