Difficult workouts, hitting the gym or running course at 6am is not everyone’s cup of tea. Does that mean the night owls aren’t fit? No!

Waking up early in the morning and working out may seem like a herculean task for most of us. Though the fact remains that there are several people who love to hit the gym before kickstarting their day. If you are one of those people who hit snooze several times before pushing yourself out of the bed, then here are few workouts you can do:

  • Lunges: This workout will relieve your knees from the stiffness gained because of sitting for long periods. It is better if you do it with a dumbbell as it would stretch the arms too. Walking lunges are also great for the body to release all the tiredness of the day. 
  • Squats: Standing with your feet with width wider than your hips, push yourself down and then stand up. This workout strengthens core muscles and burns abdominal fat too. You can either raise your arms for balance or use dumbbells. 
  • Fold Forward: Stand straight, arms on the side and lean forward to touch your feet or as close as you can to the floor. This workout stretches your body and eventually improves blood circulation. 
  • Spider Crawls: Get into plank position and then alternatively bring your right leg towards your right arm and left leg towards left arm. This exercise will strengthen your arms and core. 
Spider Crawl Workout


You can also do some yoga stretches and poses to calm down your mind and body after a hectic day at work. If you are not a workout or gym person then you can opt for some outdoor activities like badminton or swimming.

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Any which way, one needs to find out ways to stay healthy and stress-free, in this day and age when everyone struggles to strike the right work-life balance!

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