Badminton is one of those sports that can be played by almost everyone. Though most of us tend to forget that like any other sports badminton too needs certain basic techniques to master the game. The issue starts when your basics are wrong and you have played long enough with those basics. 

Badminton Tips

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That is when one has to go back to the ground level of learning the game all over again. Eventually, that will be pretty difficult once you have gone ahead with those wrong moves. Therefore, it is necessary to play with someone who is already a pro and knows all the moves of the game.

Hence, it is also recommendable to have a partner to play with. The right partner motivates to play the game every day. You and your partner could do certain exercises together which in return could help you perform better in playing doubles. There are few other tips that you can follow and few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Work on wrist strength: Badminton is more about your wrist strength or forearm strength than anything else. Exercises like chin-ups, deadlifts, shoulder and chest presses help you build that amazing wrist strength that you must have heard many commentators speak about. 
  2. A lot of court running: Before you start practising the shots and smashes be extremely sure about your stepping movement. Court running helps you put your best foot forward while attempting any shot during the match. 
  3. Wall practice: You need to drill the shuttle hard enough so that it bounces back and again hit it against the wall. This also enhances your power and improves wrist strength. Wall practice also helps you hit the shuttle at different heights with different strength. 
  4. Proper warm-up: Warm-up is essential for any sport whatsoever. Doing the right kind and right amount of warm-up keeps you away from any injury. You can start with the basic warm-up like floor exercise and stretch.  

Apart from all these, it is suggested to watch quality badminton matches so that you get a hook for the various shots you can play. You also need to understand the intensity of injuries and then decide whether to rest or continue playing by doing some warm-up. 

There is no ideal time to start playing badminton, though your dedication and hard work are the only way to become the best at this sport. Eventually, you will start loving the sport and that is when you will put in more efforts. Do not forget to take a day off from the game.

Hence, to keep up with the stamina required for the game, you need to maintain a proper diet. Follow a diet of rich proteins, grams and pulses. Totally avoid junk food as it may make you lazier and sluggish. Additionally, learn the right grip, basic shots and you will automatically learn the tricks. 

These were few basic tips for the new badminton players need to follow and learn. Let us know if any of the tips helped you during the initial stages of the game. 



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