To become a better tennis player, every tennis player should know about the basic types of Groundstroke to hit.     

groundstroke by the Joker!
It is extremely important for the player to understand how a groundstroke is played.

“I play each point like my life depends on it.” –Rafael Nadal

Tennis groundstrokes are the fundamental shots in tennis. Groundstroke in tennis is a forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court.

It is usually hit from the back of the tennis court, around the baseline. In this tennis groundstroke there are two forms one is the forehand groundstroke and another one is the backhand groundstroke.

It is important to learn the basic methods for hitting groundstrokes so you can move on to more advanced techniques that can create more power, more spin, and more control in your game.

There are two techniques for forehand groundstroke and backhand groundstroke in tennis.

In forehand groundstroke, the racket comes across the body of the player, then towards the direction where they would like the ball to land, whereas in the backhand groundstroke player swings his racket around his body, in the direction where the player wants to land the ball.

For the right-handed player, the forehand groundstrokes start from the right side of the body of the player, then the movement continues across the body as the racket face comes in the contact of the player.

Backhand tennis stroke can be accomplished with the use of two hands, which is called the two-handed backhand and when it is accomplished with the use of one hand, known as the one-handed backhand.

Players at the baseline will hit most shots with groundstrokes, either backhand or forehand, depending on whether the ball is hit to the right or left side of the body.

Generally, this forehand groundstroke is the most common and important weapon for beginner players. In the professional tennis game, most players use this shot as their most powerful groundstroke in tennis whereas this backhand technique is also most popular with professional tennis players.

When a tennis beginner starts learning to play tennis, they first need to learn basic forehand and backhand technique as these will allow them to play.

One of the most common mistakes when learning to play tennis is learning the basic groundstroke technique from the start, which means that the player is being taught to make a full turn and execute a full swing at the ball.

This simply creates way too much power and swing speed and makes it difficult to control the ball well at such a short distance. Therefore we have to use specific tennis instructions for beginners in order to improve groundstroke in tennis and teach them to play tennis right from the first minute they’re on the court.

So, there are some ways to improve groundstroke in tennis:

Every player’s main objectives in executing the tennis groundstroke are accuracy and power.

  • Firstly, racket plays vital roles in the accuracy and power in tennis groundstroke. Stiffness, string pattern, string tension these features are must in every racket to improve groundstroke. 
tennis racket strings
Racket and its strings are the important part of the game. The string pattern and tension can affect the ball greatly
  • Proper footwork is one of the essential aspects to execute tennis groundstroke. To perform proper racket swing movement, it is necessary to work on that.
  • tennis footwork is important to make an effective groundstroke!
    Proper footwork is essential to execute a good groundstroke
  • The movements in the lower and upper body of the player are also essential to improve and put more power on your tennis groundstroke whether it is the forehand or backhand.
  • If any tennis player wants to improve the tennis groundstroke is that grip. A tense and tight grip can hinder proper forehand and backhand groundstroke execution.
  • tennis grip
    A tight grip can hinder the shots hit by you. Therefore, you need to understand the right grip.
  • Eye Focus is the most important to improve groundstroke in tennis. It is important for every tennis player to keep their eyes o the ball.
  • Djokovic playing a groundstroke
    Eye focus is extremely important during the game.

    There are three basic types of groundstrokes to hit: the defensive, neutral, and offensive shots. The defensive shot is when you are pulled off of the court to one side and usually behind the baseline.

    The backhand groundstroke is a neutral or defensive stroke used on the non-racket side of the body after the ball bounces.  Being a tennis player is not an easy task.

    Tennis is a tough sport and players need to maintain strength, flexibility, and mental concentration. With the help of yoga, players make their body stronger and less prone to injury.

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