60% of Indians spend over four hours a week exercising, a recent study by Reebok India reveals. Although many of us value fitness and consider it an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it can be expensive to commit to.
In particular, regular sports practice requires a place to play and specific pieces of clothing and equipment — all this can add up over time. If you’re looking for ways to continue playing a sport while spending as little as possible, you’re in the right place.

Play without any hassle

Playing sports at your local community or recreation centre is a lot cheaper than using a gym. These centres usually offer a variety of sports, including, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and more.

Playo venues

There are several pay and play venues in India who can help you get fitter.

They may have swimming pools and track running too. Moreover, these centres also offer reduced rates for members and students. In fact, most venues nowadays provide courts or turfs on a pay-n-play basis without the need for memberships! A win-win, isn’t it?

Be smart

Don’t get sucked into buying unnecessary clothing or equipment. Stick with just the basics you need to play safely. Expensive water bottles, beach towels, or headbands, for example, can really add up in cost. Consider using a prepaid debit card to make your purchases.

It works just like a normal debit except it’s loaded with a set amount of money rather than being connected to your bank account. According to https://www.crediful.com, it helps you “stay on a budget because you can’t use it to make a larger purchase than your current balance”.

This means you’ll only be able to make essential pre-planned purchases rather than getting carried away with buying fancy yet needless sports accessories.

Save on equipment

Buy second hand — especially if you play sports like ice or field hockey which require lots of equipment.

Used equipment in good condition is cheaper — often half the price of brand new items — and works just as well.

You’ll even appreciate not having to break in second-hand cleats and ice skates. Also, keep a look for new equipment releases; the old models will drop in price.

Image result for badminton racket on rent

You can buy previously used equipment or there are venues that give equipment on rent.

Moreover, it’s important to look after your equipment to avoid re-purchasing too soon. For example, treat your ball glove with glove oil regularly and get it re-stitched when necessary. It’ll last much longer.

You can also cut back in other areas to help your finances. Walk or carpool with your team to practice rather than driving alone. Bring cheap, healthy snacks or fruits that will help you rehydrate after the game.


While staying fit has become an important part of our life, we also need to keep in mind the expenditure. Sports, on the other hand, can help you stay healthy and also, serve as a recreational activity.

Therefore, make a choice and stay fit and fab the smart way!

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