Hockey is India’s national sport, and its popularity has begun to steadily grow over the years. Thanks to the increased focus that the government has given to this sport, more and more people are taking up hockey as a hobby and some even train to become professionals.

If you’re just starting out, it may be difficult to understand the sport at first, but over time you should get the hang of it. The most important thing is to get yourself a hockey stick that can be used to learn the sport. If you’re unsure of which one to buy, here are a few hockey sticks that are ideal for beginner players to start out with.

1) DSC Unicorn Hockey Stick

Unicorn is one of the smaller sports brands in the country, and they have started to make a variety of different hockey sticks in the last few years. All for a ridiculously low price. For a price of just Rs. 430 you can get yourself a beginner hockey stick and learn the basics of the game.

This is not an offer you want to miss out on!

dsc unicorn

Of course, this stick isn’t the most durable one in the market, but it’s a tiny investment for learning the basics of the game.

2) Vampire Elite Hockey Stick

This novice-level hockey stick can be availed at a price of just Rs. 750! It’s a great way to start out on your journey as a hockey player and can be used on both turf and synthetic playing fields.

The stick is coated in high-quality glass fiber, ensuring long-term durability and allowing you to practice different techniques without having to worry about damaging the stick.

vampire elite

The stick also comes with a polyurethane grip, allowing you to comfortably handle it and preventing wrist injury due to lack of control.

3) Kipsta Hockey Stick

One of the better-known brands of Decathlon, Kipsta offers a highly-durable and powerful hockey stick. This stick is priced at Rs. 899, and while it’s a little more expensive than the rest of the beginner sticks on this list, it’s definitely worth the investment.


This stick works best when used on regular grass or artificial grass. As a beginner, getting a stick that works on different types of playing fields is a great way to ensure that you constantly improve your skills.

4) Kipsta Kids Hockey Stick

For those of you wanting their kids to get into hockey, there’s no better way to start them off than with this kids hockey stick from Decathlon. It costs roughly Rs. 699 and comes in the junior-size so your kid can fully experience what it’s like to play hockey.


These sticks are also super-durable; something that is very important as most children play quite roughly and tend to bang the stick on the ground. With this beauty, you won’t have to keep replacing their hockey sticks with new ones every so often.

As an added bonus, this stick can be easily ordered online, and if you aren’t happy with it, you can replace it with another one of your choice!

5) Fiero Hockey Stick

Most people haven’t heard of this company because they haven’t really been in the sports industry too long. And they haven’t produced too many pieces of sports equipment either.

But Fiero hockey sticks are the ideal stick for beginners looking to get a better hang of this sport. A stick costs roughly Rs. 900 and comes in 3 different sizes – 36 inches, 37 inches, and 38 inches. So you can select a comfortable size that suits your height and build.


Made from the composite wooden material, this hockey stick is powerful and reliable and is sure to last you a couple of years if used properly.

6) Freehit Hockey Stick

At the cost of Rs. 480, this beginner hockey stick is ideal for those learning the basic techniques of the sport. Made from solid wood, this piece of equipment is sturdy and can withstand the impact of regular play. So instead of spending a lot of money on your first stick, you can cut down your expenses to just Rs. 500 for your first year as a hockey player. Once you’ve got the hang of the game, then it’s fine to upgrade and get a stick of higher quality and stronger build.


However, for someone who is just starting out, the Freehit hockey stick is just perfect.

7) Orator Hockey Stick

Another hockey stick delivered by Amazon, the Orator is new to the market and is made for novice and beginner players to pick up the knack for the game. While it is made from solid, composite wood, repeated use can make the sides and the edges blunt. So to avoid damaging the stick, it’s best to play on natural or artificial grass as far as possible.


8) Punjab Tiger Hockey Stick

At an incredibly low price of Rs. 311, the Punjab Tiger hockey stick is perhaps the cheapest hockey stick in the market right now. You can find this piece on eBay, and it’s a very small investment to starting your journey into the sport of hockey.

punjab tiger

Choose Wisely!

When you first start out, it’s important to select a hockey stick that’s perfect for your size and build. By choosing the right equipment, you’ll be able to practice your technique more effectively and get better at the game.

So choose wisely, pay attention to your body, and enjoy this marvellous sport!

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