You can never underestimate the power of learning martial arts in today’s day and age. I cannot stress enough on how important it is for the women now to learn these moves for self-defence. Acquiring these skills will not only build self-confidence but also keep you fit and fabulous. Pick one of these arts and scare all the roadside romeo’s away! Here are five martial arts that you can learn this women’s day:

  1. Boxing: Boxing was earlier considered to be a man’s sport but now we have several Indian women who have shown their prowess in this field. Boxing provides great physical benefits like it relieves your stress and keeps ulcers away. The punches could be very useful when attacked and learning how to dodge will shield you against any strong attack.
  2. Taekwondo: It translates to striking or breaking with the foot in English. Taekwondo is basically a mix of Karate and Chinese martial arts originated in Korea. This form of martial art strengthens your core and helps improving speed and agility. Your lower body flexibility increases by leaps and bounds as it requires a lot kicking thus, protecting you from those creeps.
  3. Mixed Martial Arts: Mainly considered a form of sport for men but even women ace it. This involves the forms of all martial arts which basically is kicks, strikes, elbows, knees, throws and submissions. MMA helps you to understand all the forms of martial art and strengthens their skills in each. Additionally, it helps you lose weight and maintain a great shape. Win-win, isn’t it?
  4. Judo: Originated back in Japan and dates back to 1882, Judo teaches you how to pin your opponent on the ground. Apparently, many Judo competitors have suffered broken bones and ribs as they were thrown with huge force. Arm-locks, chokes, strikes and much more that will not only weaken your attacker but will also leave him needing more air to breathe.
  5. Aikido: It is a form of martial art originated in Japan which does not need much of your physical strength. It involves using the strength of your attacker to your favour. Aikido enhances your lower body strength and strengthens your core muscles. Aikido is mainly about joint-locks, arm drag and concentrates on pressure points. Throws are crucial as they will help you sabotage your attacker.

This Women’s Day take a pledge to protect yourself from all the odds, no matter where they are. The assaulters are not only on roads but also at homes, in offices and basically everywhere. Learn these martial arts and never be depended on another human for protection. Because you do not need one!

Happy Women’s Day!

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