There are two most important responsibilities that we have as kids. One of them is preparing for the examinations and other one, playing amazing games that will enrich our childhood. The final exams are here and we are sure, you have no time to play or rather, you are not allowed to. What if we tell that there are some games you can play after your exams while walking or cycling back home?

Here are few games that you played in your childhood and should again play as it will release your exam stress:

1. Hand Cricket:

Bring back those golden memories when this game was considered a brave act if played during boring classes. The rules were pretty simple and the probability of losing wickets was almost nil.

2. Hopscotch:

We were experts at balancing our body on one leg as kids. You can draw these square boxes on street, play for some time and head towards home. The only rule of this game- do not step on the double box with single leg and vice-versa.

3. Kanchey:

Translates to marble in English and is a favourite game of all kids since ages. Use all the concentration you have and send the marbles to the hole. Only then you can take the marbles home!


4. Chor-Mantri-Sipahi-Raja:

This guessing game is pretty simple and can be played after your exams. Sit under a tree, make the chits as shown below and find the chor, seeing those dubious faces. Easy!

5. Hide and Seek:

Am sure your school has a lot of open space and this game can be played in the same vicinity. Decide who the seeker is and whom he needs to find. You can also play this game by blindfolding the person and asking them to find you while you all playfully hit him and running away.

Hide and Seek- Games After Exams

6. Lagori:

Seven stones of various shapes and sizes piled up together only to throw them with a ball. By the time, the ball comes back to the seeker, opposite team players are supposed to arrange the stones and if they fail to do so, they lose. Playing this game will not only refresh you but also build team spirit.

These were few games you can play while on the way back home. There are several other ways you can play like using your writing pad as a bat and crumbled papers as a ball. Pen fight is another game we all played as kids. These memories are worth cherishing and exams are worth the effort!

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