Sports League has finally come to an end after two days of some amazing cricketing shots, few mind-blowing smashes, unexpected goals and unstoppable pots in basketball. Amidst of all these, we were able to capture moments that deserve to be mentioned and cherished. Among the several people who came for the League, we managed to interview few participants and one of them being the founder of Kolapasi, Mr. Santosh Muruganantham. 

SportsLeague Badminton

SportsLeague Badminton

Santosh quit his job in the US as he knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. That is when he started Kolapasi, which translates into ‘extremely hungry.’ The interview started with Mr. Santosh trying to pull my leg by questioning my knowledge of Kolapasi but later we dived into a seamless conversation. Here are few answers by quick and witty, Mr. Santosh:

  • Apart from serving people the tastiest of food, what else do you love doing?
  • Santosh: “I love serving on the badminton court! After a tiring day at work, I make sure that I play badminton for two hours. It has become a routine, now if I don’t play my hands start to shiver and my mind will not be at peace. Badminton has become must in my life.”                                                                                              
  • When did this start, the love for badminton and sports in your life?
  • Santosh: “It started long back in school and having played for Tamil Nadu, U19, I was sure to take up a career in Badminton but my sister was already playing for Nationals. My father is an ex-kabaddi player and he didn’t want both kids to take up the same path. I was, therefore, put into engineering while my sister continued to play.” 
    SportsLeague Badminton

    SportsLeague Badminton

  • Diet plays a very important role in a sportsman’s life. What diet did you follow to keep yourself fit?
  • Santosh: “As a kid, we used to drink porridge and millets drink every day. Coming from a family of sportsmen, we had to maintain a good diet and strictly avoid sugar. Proteins are important too but I am not a nutritionist to advise anyone on diets they should follow.”                                                                                      
  • In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what are the other benefits of playing sports? 
  • Santosh: “Sports help you have a disciplined life along with your mental fitness. When I enter the court, I become a monk. I totally forget office stuff, things like how will I pay my employees their salary and how will we manage the orders. It gets me excited about life and frees up my mental space.”   
    SportsLeague Badminton

                               SportsLeague Badminton                                 

  • The next generation is becoming more and more sporty, what will your message be to them?
  • Santosh: “Sports is something like electricity. Until you put your hand in the socket, you do not know how electricity works. In the same way, like you cannot take medicine while I am sick, I cannot motivate you to play sports. It has to come from inside and companies especially should cultivate sports culture.”                          
    SportsLeague Badminton

    SportsLeague Badminton

Mr. Santosh also told us that he is impressed with the work and effort Playo has put up to organise the entire event. He also wishes, a start-up like Playo to open in every city of India. We wish that Playo reaches all the corners of this sporty country. 

Team Playo wishes Santosh Muruganantham and Kolapasi, best of luck and health!


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