Along with some drills, prepare your team mentally too. Preparation is a must for players to build in the confidence to pluck the fruit of win on the deciding day. 

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“See yourself as a winner to perform as a winner”.

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Athletes can be prone to hypes and distractions before and during a big game. Preparing mentally in advance for the big day cools down the heat and hands the opportunity to deliver the best and achieve the same. Mainly, players have to counter their inner enemy that is thinking of the past results-negative ones and this leads to a low key performance on the designated day.

So, what to do to win over this menace?

  • STAY FOCUSSED: Tell your players to blank their minds of the past results, stay focused on the present game plan and keep at bay the external distractions. Tell them to completely devote their energy to preparing for the game.
  • INSTIL IN THEM POSITIVE FEELINGS: Being a coach it is your responsibility to sculpt the best of your team. While you assign a specific role to the team members, make them feel that no one is better than them and they are the best fit for the role handed to them like tell one that no one can surpass he/she in the game, I can score goals, I can move with great accuracy, no matter who the opposition is and so on . Once this feeling is instilled, your team will definitely please you with the results.
  • DEEP BREATHS FOR NERVOUSNESS: Nervousness can cost anyone dearly, even if the person is a great performer. To beat it, ask your team members to take deep breaths to subside the pressure to zero. Focus on playing the best, a win will follow suit.
  • FIND SOME WAYS TO DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM STRESS: Stress is an unwelcome member of every lifestyle, especially in crunch situations. Take for example the day before the game most players tend to feel the burden of the negative outcomes of the match. Being the commander of your team, you can ask them to treat their ears with some melodious tunes. These are the most reliable source of overcoming stress. You can involve them in some other game, before the day of the match to make feel light.

  • NUTRITIOUS DIET: A nutritious meal is a great energy booster. When it comes to a sportsperson it changes as per the game. Make sure that your team members get a low protein and a low-fat diet, 3-6 hrs before the game. This is because a heavy diet can make them drowsy and change the outcome of the game. An hour or two before the game, just ask them to snack, which should be small and easy to digest. This is necessary because it’ll keep their energy level fully charged.
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  • SOUND SLEEP: A good sleep is necessary to charge players for the day because it washes all the tension that had previously crept into their minds.

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TRAIN THEM TO OVERCOME THEIR SHORTCOMINGS: By doing this you will help your team members to grow strong & perform better. It is necessary and at the same time keep the opposition in the dark who must have studied these drawbacks to win the game. So it’ll become a win-win situation for the team.


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All the best for an upcoming match. I hope, asking your team to adhere to these 7 habits will help you to chalk out the best of them and also aid in scripting good results.


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