Is involvement in sports during pregnancy is good for the mother to be?

Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life where she requires to take care of herself even more. As now she is carrying life with her in her womb.

This is the time when every other person comes with a piece of advice. Nowadays doctors conduct classes for the proper guidance during the pregnancy period, where they discuss the things and activities which are allowed and not allowed for the woman.

In olden days people use to believe in many myths, as a woman should not work, lift, play during the pregnancy but today it is advised by the gynaecologists to actively participate in the activities which require some effort.

Let’s have a look at some sports which can be played during the pregnancy:

  • Swimming

Swimming is the best kind of exercise it burns more calories than any other sports activity. It requires the movement of a full body and almost all the muscles work actively in swimming.  

It is recommended to swim during pregnancy as the body will remain active and will help the mother to adjust to the changes which are taking place in her body.

Swimming is best in the early stage of pregnancy as it will help the woman to remain active and feel energetic.

  • Badminton

Badminton is a sport where the movement is quite calculative. The game is played in a court so there is a certain boundary for the player to move.

The body will get a good warm-up if played for a limited period of time. Of course, the game should be played in the early stage of pregnancy only.

  • Running

Running is a sport where a lot of stamina is required. Running is suggested to them only who have involved in the sports before the pregnancy also.

If a woman is a regular runner then it won’t affect her in any way as she is used to it. Running strengthens the legs which are very useful in the pregnancy as the weight of the body increases and more strength is required to move the body.

  • Golf

Golf is the best sport which can be played by a pregnant woman as it doesn’t require any strength and stamina.

All these game demands are balance and mental focus, which will be useful for the woman. The focus is very vital in pregnancy as it will help a woman to remain focused because mood swings are common in pregnancy.

  • Tennis

A pregnant woman can also play tennis and here we have an example to prove it. Serena Williams, a synonym to tennis in the Open Era.

Williams was pregnant when she lifted the Australian Open trophy in 2017, this was confirmed when she posted a picture of herself with the caption ” 20 months pregnant” in April 2017.

So if you are playing tennis in the initial stage of your pregnancy then it will be perfectly alright.

Tennis will add strength to your hands and it will we useful once the baby is born as you have to lift the baby half of the time, and when you will carry a 7 pounds baby in your hands for a long duration then you will need strength.

  • Table tennis

The best part with sports like Table tennis and Badminton is that they are played in a hall. The place is unexposed to the outside environment which protects the player from dust and excessive heat.

This will be beneficial in many ways for the pregnant lady. Table tennis is limited to the table there is not much movement required in this game and the body goes through a proper exercise.


During pregnancy, it is advised to remain active but one should also keep in mind that excessive activity should be avoided. You can play sports but mostly in the early period of pregnancy and according to the advice of the doctor.

Those women who are active in sports from the pre-pregnancy period can continue for the initial stage but those who are not should follow the doctor’s advice. This is also advised that the sports which have chances of collision should be avoided.  

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