In the deceptive shot, the shuttle is put into play which makes your opponent think you will use the overhead clear.  

badminton racket and shuttle

The game of the badminton requires stamina, concentration, speed, strategies, types of equipment, strokes, the position of the shuttlecock and the receiving player, spin, grip and much more.

Deceptive shots are mainly used during the last minutes of the game whose main motive is to make fool of your opponent through your shoot and your body movement or creating a false story to your opponent.

How to play the deceptive shot?

Playing a deceptive shot is not an easy task, a shooter must check for the badminton player movement on the court prior to playing.

  1. For playing the deceptive shot, a player, after shooting his or her first shot, plays another shot which will be entirely different from the first one. This will lead the opponent player in getting an idea regarding your shot and he will find difficulty in having an idea regarding your next shot. This trick is called the negative shot.
    two people playing badminton

    Make sure that after playing the negative shot your real shot must be faster and quicker than the negative one.

  2. For playing the great deceptive shot, you have to change your facial expressions, your body movements, your way of shooting so, that the opposing player will get frustrated and to be able to concentrate on the game.
  3. You can also use the method of the double motion which means that during the beginning of the game, you can start shooting in one direction and after that start changing your shooting direction.
  4. You can also follow the procedure for the forehand overhead drop shot, and the backhand overhead shot. 


  5. If you are going to play a short hit, then try to create the power so, that the opposing player will get confused that where you are going to hit. 
  6. While hitting the shuttle try to change the position of the impact every time. You can do that by touching the angle of the racket. This trick is known as the slicing and often used by the badminton players.


Though in this blog we have discussed some of the important methods for playing a deceptive shot, the deceptive shot requires proper practice and proper concentration for understanding.

Moreover, for playing the great deceptive a player must have an idea regarding all the badminton court dimensions.

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