GOLDEN BADMINTON TIPS TO IMPROVE | While it may not look like it at first, badminton is a physically-intensive sport and requires players to have a strong core, quick footwork, and flexible shoulders to deliver lightning-fast shots.

However, badminton is a lot more than that.

Even if you don’t have a super-fit athletic body, you can improve your game with the help of these tips.

1) Hit When Its High

Every time you hit the shuttle, try to hit it when it is at its highest point in flight. This will allow you to take advantage of the momentum generated by the shuttlecock. This way you’ll also have more control over the shot.

hit the shuttlecock high

While the shuttlecock descends it starts to lose momentum and it gets more difficult to play a shot properly.

2) Practice Footwork

To play badminton effectively, your footwork must be top-notch. To practice this, constantly shuffle your feet as you wait for your opponent to return the shuttlecock to you. This way you’ll keep yourself warmed up and ready to change position based on where the shuttlecock lands.

badminton footwork hd

Don’t get lazy and stand in one place for too long. And don’t reach out too far to hit the shuttlecock as this might make it difficult to land an effective shot. Get yourself into position while the shuttlecock is beginning its descent. This will give you enough time to return the shuttle properly.

3) Exploit The Backhand

Most beginners and even many intermediate players rarely train their backhand shots. If this is the case for your opponent, you can use this to your advantage to snatch a few points. Try aiming most of your shots towards their backhand as this will force them to play in a style that isn’t comfortable.

backhand shot badminton

In general, you should be studying your opponent during the match to learn their weaknesses and exploit them. Try gauging whether your opponent is an aggressive or a defensive player, whether they prefer to play backhand or forehand shots, and learn of other weaknesses, such as poor footwork. This will allow you to adapt your game accordingly.

4) Slice Your Net Shots

This technique is a little more advanced, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it soon. Slicing your net shots will cause the shuttlecock to spin, making it difficult to predict its direction.

slicing net shots in badminton

To perform this maneuver, swing forward as you would with a regular net shot and then move the racket inward and perpendicular to the shuttlecock.

You can use the same technique to slice your drop shots as well. This will cause the shuttlecock to drop very quickly onto the opponent’s court.


These techniques are easy enough to perform once learnt, but you’ll need to practice them a couple of times to get the hang of it.

Bonus: Try jumping when you smash the shuttle as it will add momentum to the shot, causing the shuttlecock to travel faster.

Try out all these techniques, and you’re sure to see improvements in your game.

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