Winning points in a game depend on you and how you adapt.

A game of badminton is like a roller coaster. There are many ups and downs. When you think your opponent has taken a lead, you may be discouraged

We would like to share tips with you that you can follow that will help you gain points during a match. It does not matter what level you play at, these tips are applicable to everyone.

Tip 1 – Never give up:

Giving up is the mind’s natural response when one is down. This would obviously take you down the losing path. But next time try this.

When you’re losing and you are getting frustrated, take a deep breathe, calm down and refocus. Tell yourself you can win even from here. This tends to have a positive impact on your game.

Tip 2- Watch videos of professionals playing:

When you watch the pros playing, you learn how to formulate rallies and when to choose what stroke. Choosing the right stroke at the right moment is very crucial.

Watching videos will serve as a guide on when to play what shot. Once you’re in a habit of watching these videos, you will naturally start implementing them in your game.

Tip 3- Force your opponent to make mistakes:

Yes, this sounds easier than done, but it is a tactic lot of players use. When playing a game, play safe and long rallies. 

By playing safe you are ensuring that you are still in the rally and chances are that your opponent will make a mistake.

Tip 4- Always keep your racquet up:

A lot of players, be it beginners or advance, tend to keep their racquets down. This is wrong. In Badminton, not just every second, every fraction of a second count.

If you keep your racquet down that means you will approach the shuttle slightly later that you should. This will determine the faith of the direction and contact point of the shuttle.

Tip 5- Play a smash only when needed:

Smash seems to be the most popular and appealing shot in a game of Badminton. While it is a killer shot, it can be the shot that puts you in trouble.

A smash should be played at the right time. That is when you have moved your opponent around the court and found an opportunity where he/she is out of position.

This is when you take advantage of the situation and play a smash. Of course, a smash should also be played if you’re in position and your opponent has played a weak stroke.

Tip 6- Improve your speed:

It is okay if your strokes are not as refined as your opponent if your speed on and around the court is fast. This is because if you are able to reach every shot played by your opponent, you will engage in a long rally with him/her which can eventually tire him/her.

If you’re quick you can put pressure on your opponent by simply retrieving everything that he/she plays.


Tips and tricks can be a guiding force; what will make the real difference is you and your drive to do better.

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