New to the world of fitness? Do you often fear looking at those posters hung up on every wall of every street of those picture-perfect fitness models or athletes and dread if that is even humanly possible? Do you wonder if you can reach that and you’ll ever be your best version someday? 

Well, if you’re someone who’s wishing to make a leap of faith and take your first step into the ever booming world of fitness, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 ways to prepare before your very first weight training session:

#1. Get a full-body health check-up:

It is always best advised to consult a general physician for a full body check-up before you take your first steps into fitness. Taking a test to monitor your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, or general health condition prior to starting out the workouts is best advised.

#2. Record your height and weight credentials:

By measuring your credentials and your BMI, it will be easy to measure your progress over time and gives you the motivation to beat your own records. 

#3. Consult a nutritionist : 

This step is not a necessity, but an advantage to your fitness journey. 80% of your fitness depends on what you eat and only 20% on the workout you perform. So make sure you do prior research on what to consume that helps your particular goal.

#4. Be mentally prepared one hour prior:

Being in a rush for a workout only burns you out and exhausts you mentally. The reason why people find it tough to get time off their schedules and make time for the gym is because of procrastination. The only way to tackle this is through prior preparation. 

#5. Eat a light snack one hour prior to your workout:

Be it a simple banana or dry fruits, a pre-workout snack is necessary to provide energy for your workout.

#6. Discuss with the instructor: 

For personal training or if you wish to workout at your own pace, it is best to let the instructor in charge of the gym supervisor know about your fitness goals or health conditions.

#7. Start slowly :

This will help you reduce the chances of injury and soreness. Start with appropriate weights ( not too light, not too heavy; after consulting your trainer)  and begin with single sets and work your way up.

#8. Stretch:

It is very essential that you stretch before and after your workout on the muscles that you’ve targeted that day. This helps reduce stiffness of muscles and beats soreness as well.

#9. Stay hydrated:

Drinking 2-3 lts of water per day is necessary especially when working out. Make sure you add sufficient vitamins and protein in your diet as well.

#10. Sleep:

Sleep is extremely vital to achieving your fitness goals. If you’re going in for a workout, make sure you don’t attend the session sleep deprived in any way. Always aim to get a full 8 hours’ sleep every night giving your muscles time to recover and rest. Give a break of 48 hours before you train the same muscle group again.

Follow these guidelines and you will be sure to ace your first workout session! Lift it up!

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