Diet, rest and practice, all three are equally important and reliant on each other.

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If you like sports and want to play at a higher level, you need to maintain the triangle of success, i.e diet, rest and practice. It does not matter which sport you want to take up, the rules apply to all. Source.

None of these 3 should be neglected.

Having a healthy diet that will sustain you is very essential. You don’t have to be a sportsperson to maintain a good diet; but if you want to be, it is extremely important to have a strong diet.

A good diet does not mean stop eating out and stop having sweets and desserts. Having a good diet means regularly consuming the right nutrients and the right amount of meals.

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It also entails eating the right amount of meals at the right time. Source.


Rest is very essential, not just for athletes and sportsmen, but for regular people too. Sleeping for 7-8 hours a night is a must. Sleep is the body’s way of recouping and refreshing itself. Lack of sleep leads to many health-related problems and makes you very sluggish and slow the next day.

It is very important that a sportsperson gets 7-8 hours of night sleep as this will help him be more productive the next morning when he/she gets up for training.

The other very vital part of getting a proper night’s sleep is that the body tends to repair itself overnight. The muscles that are broken down and fatigued from all the vigorous training start recovering at this time.

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Hence it is very important to see that rest is not taken for granted. Afternoon naps also help in making one more productive which results in better performance. Source.

The last important corner of the success triangle is practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. This is quite accurate. Practising the same thing over and over can and will result in success. During practice, one should go with a determined mindset that they want to be better and will aim to get there.

One must really practice with great focus, no matter which sport it is. Focus is the key to any practice session. If one is less focused, it may result in one not able to practice the right thing and not able to attempt to correct it.

There will be days where one is not able to play their best at the practice session, but instead of getting demotivated players should learn to pick themselves up and tell themselves that they will be better the next day.

All these three corners of the success triangle go hand in hand. If followed properly and religiously, one can cave his/her path to success with ease.


There are no shortcuts to success. If you want to be successful you should follow a certain type of disciplined system.

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