Gone are the days when only the elderly required balancing exercises. Modern sports have realized the benefits of various balances.

There are two types of balances – static balance and dynamic balance. Static balance is the kind where your body is to be in balance while the dynamic balance is the balance maintained while your body is in motion.

Talking about athletics, balancing exercises will help you train your body control. It also prevents joint pain, especially in the ankles.

Balance training will give you more energy because you learn to focus on the centre of gravity.

Here, we provide you with the top 5 Balance exercises that will make you a better athlete.

  1. Squats On Bosu

A Bosu ball would be required for this exercise. This exercise will benefit your body’s gripping power i.e. to hold together all the required muscles at the appropriate time.

Stand on the Bosu with your feet and hip wide apart. Then try sitting down in the squat position. Ensure that the weight is on your heels. Stand up on your legs and make sure that the pressure is on your back. Repeat these 8- 10 squats.

2. Single Leg Squat

This squat will help you stabilize your muscles. Since it’s one-legged, it will empower your lower body.  This exercise works out your hips and hamstrings mainly.

Stand erect on your feet and maintain a distance between your feet and hips. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Raise your right foot while extending your left foot out front. With your right knee bent, push your hips back and down. Return to standing position.

3. Standing Tree

It is also called Vrikshasana in Yoga. You may use a Yoga mat or even a Bosu ball for this asana. The main benefit of this exercise is to strengthen your ankles and engage your core.

Stand erect and stretch your arms. IF you’re using a Bosu, try the ball side or the flat side. Then raise your left foot up to the right calf. Now, Balance your body weight on the right feet. Lift your arms and form a namaskar. Be in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this with the right leg then.

4. Single Leg Dead Lift

You may try this with a dumbbell or without. This exercise benefits your abs and also strengthens your hamstrings.

Stand on your right leg holding the dumbbell in your right hand. Begin with bending your right knee and then slowly bend your hips and push the left leg backwards. Aim the dumbbell to the ground gradually meanwhile maintaining the body balance. Come back to standing position. Repeat this 8 times with each leg.

5. Rolling Forearm Side Plank

The side plank is also Vasisthasana. This benefits your back and is highly recommended for women of all age.  Rolling on the forearms will strengthen your arms and wrists.

To begin with, lie down. Place your right forearm and elbow on the ground and then lift your body slowly. Now, roll inwards facing towards the floor and then balance your body weight on the left forearm. Hold on each side for 30 seconds and repeat rolling 12 times.

Conclusion: Balance is essential for everyone and these exercises will enhance your balance and help prevent injuries as well.

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