I fancy basketball players for their control over the ball. I just adore the way they dribble it and relish their defensive moves. I wonder the symmetry between the ball and the player. But the story behind such moves to expertise ball handling is different. This article would acquaint you with basic workouts to handle a ball. Before starting a workout you must make sure you spend at least a couple of hours per day. Dribbling is the basic workout for a basketball aspirant.

Do dribble


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When you dribble you should never apply your full control over the ball. You must dribble in a way that the ball should be in contact with your fingers but not with your palm. In fact, palm would slow down your dribbling process but fingers would give you longer dribble. When you dribble your eyes should be up, the ball should jump within waistline.

Speed Dribbling:


Speed dribbling is where you have to incline your body front. This posture would be similar to your body when you run. It is just like your position when you are running. You should push the ball before you and not on the side of your body.

Bongo Dribbling:



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Stand still in a place and start dribbling in front of you quickly shifting hands. Switch the ball from one hand to another in a zigzag pattern.

Spider Dribbling:




This is similar to bongo except   two dribbles in front ,then enfold hands around legs and dribble behind legs.

Bench Dribbling:


Bench Dribbling

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Dribble the ball along the floor. When you come to the bench, dribble the ball on the bench. The difference in the material of the bench will demand the player to adapt the power to the ball and control.

The list of dribbling doesn’t end here. I have made a fleet of basic dribbling work out. You can also dribble with a pair of balls too. If you get struck off any of the prominent dribbling that this list missed discussing, lets us know.

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