When basketball was first introduced to the world, dribbling was not a part of the game. It only came into being in 1909, and it’s been integral to the sport ever since.

Your skill at dribbling and ball handling determine almost everything in the game, from passing to scoring points.

However, unlike ball handling, which involves passing, dribbling, and decision making, dribbling is a much more fundamental skill. And while ball handling is best practiced during an actual game, you can improve your dribbling through regular practice and by keeping a few key factors in mind.

1) Dribble Hard

Each time you practice dribbling, be sure to dribble as hard as you possibly can. Remember, each time you release the ball, it is out of your control, and you only regain control once it returns to your hand.

dribble hard

This technique will ensure that the ball stays in your hand for a majority of the time while you’re in possession. And the longer the ball stays in your hand, the more control you will be able to exercise.

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2) Dribble Across the Court

dribbling practice

You must be able to dribble down the full length of the court at any speed, with both hands, while keeping your head up the whole time. To practice this, start by walking down the length of the court alternating the ball between both hands. As you get comfortable with this, you can slowly increase the speed till you’re able to sprint down the court while keeping control of the ball.

3) Dribble With Your Fingers

Most beginners make the mistake of dribbling the ball using only their palms. But to grip the ball effectively, and exercise more control over it, you need to involve your fingers while dribbling.

Each time you dribble, practice releasing the ball from your fingertips rather than the flat surface of your palm. This will allow you to change pace and direction more easily.

4) Dribble Backwards

You need to be able to back up out of a cluster of defenders quickly and to do this, you must practice dribbling while moving backward.

To practice this technique, get into a position where you’re protecting the ball and keep shuffling back to the other end of the court. Repeating this drill will help you gain more control of the ball while moving backward.

You can also practice running forward with the ball and come to a sudden halt before switching to a backward dribble. This will prepare you for any situation, and besides, it’s a lot more fun to train with different drills!

Be Disciplined

To improve any skill at any sport, it’s essential that you learn to be more disciplined and practice on a regular basis. By learning to dribble more effectively, you can up your game and improve your team’s chances of a successful victory.

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