DIFFERENT BADMINTON SMASHES | The ‘smash’ is one of the most popular maneuvers in badminton and it’s used by players at all levels. But more often than not, this shot is misunderstood.

Most beginners are of the belief that a smash is all about swinging as hard as you can and twisting every muscle in your body to transfer enough momentum into the shuttlecock.

But you never know what to expect in a badminton game, and a full smash is not always the answer.

Before we talk about a few other kinds of smashes, let’s see why badminton players choose to smash to:

  • create an opportunity for a net kill
  • make the opponent take a step back or move out of position
  • throw the opponent off balance, making it difficult for them to play the next shot effectively
  • surprise them with a sudden burst of speed

Now, keeping these objectives in mind, you have to employ a variety of different smashes to apply pressure on the opponent and take advantage when there is an opportunity.

1) Half Smash

The idea behind the half smash is simple – simply use half (or a third) of your strength to smash the shuttlecock. This shot is best played at random points in the game, to keep your opponent guessing, which in turn makes it difficult for them to get used to your gameplay.

This will also force your opponent to use the forecourt, and they might give you an opportunity to serve up a net kill.

Just be sure to keep your body in control and stay balanced while making this shot so you can return to position quickly.

2) Flick Smash

This tricky little maneuver is popular among professional badminton players looking to quickly switch the pace of the game, turning it into an aggressive one.

To execute this smash, you will need to use your wrist and forearm to perform a ‘flicking’ sort of motion. This shot is extremely deceptive because the flick is a very subtle motion, making it difficult to predict the speed of the shuttle.

Thanks to the low range of movement and the relaxed way in which this shot is played, the flick shot is difficult to counter as it is quite unexpected and often catches players off-guard.

3) Slice Smash

You’ve probably heard of ‘slicing the shuttle’, a kind of shot where the racket head is turned slightly to the side, and the strings connect with the shuttlecock at an adjacent angle.

The slice smash employs a similar motion combined with a smash, and since slice smashes are often aimed at the sides, they can put your opponent in a tight spot.

However, this smash causes the shuttlecock to decelerate considerably faster, making it easier for players to send it back over the net.

Which One is Your Favourite?

These are three different types of smashes, and you can use any or all of them during a badminton game to gain a strategic advantage. Of the 3 mentioned, we’d like to know which one is your favourite. Let us know in the comments below!

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