A badminton smash is one of the most effective shots when it comes to winning the game.

When and why would one do a smash? The answer is easy, to finish the set with a point or for a weaker return from the opponent.

Most of the beginners and intermediates of this game may be lured to hit this shot without much practice or technicality.

But a wrong smash may cost you a point, so be very careful if you are trying to pull off a shot.

There are a few disadvantages of a smash:

  1. Slows down footwork: As smashing requires strong and complete swing, it is generally difficult for the body to gain balance after the smash.
  2. Less effective when executed from the baseline: Since you won’t get sufficient angle to produce a smash. And also, smashing from the baseline may give your opponent a chance to counter your smash.

Here Is How To Hit A Great Smash: 

  1. Move into position: You need to move your body into a position where you can hit the shuttle and get back once the smash is done. All these need to be done on time rather you may miss the shot.
  2. Prepare your body: Relax your muscles as tense muscles tend to move slower than the relaxed ones.

Accuracy Or Power? 

While you are trying to hit a smash with all power, your body tries to generate energy than focusing on the accuracy and hitting on the targeted spot. Try this when playing doubles so that your partner can take over the opponent’s shot.

When you try to hit a very accurate shot, your body and mind focus on accuracy than power. While playing singles, trying to hit accurately will pay-off more.


The correct Badminton smash can help you win a game, therefore, practising the shot can help you figure out when to use this shot as a weapon.

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