The life led by a kid is a simple one; all they need is food for sustenance, water for hydration and an endless feat of imagination to transform any given time of day into a sporting event that will change the face of any game witnessed by man.

These made up sports are complete with teams on either side comprising of real or imaginary members with jerseys, a rule book, an unbiased referee and of course the team mascot that represents the team spirit and the nation’s pride. Even with endless possibilities thanks to their imagination, there are a few sports that the kids find absolutely irresistible.

We may be under the impression that their choice of preferred sport is seasonal because as soon as a cricket match between India and Pakistan comes up, we can spot all the kids in the block with their cricket gear in the playground literally at war. Albeit this is absolutely true, there are few sports which are ranked as the most desirable by the kids of today.

In no particular order, these are the top 5 sports that kids love to play.

1) Basketball

basketball kids

Kids naturally love to play basketball because it’s very similar to the age-old playground games. It’s got a ball, a hoop, and a bunch of other kids all racing around trying to take control of that ball. It’s one of the most commonly played sports in schools and there are ample benefits one can reap from the same. What seems like a simple sport of 5 on 5 action, Basketball actually requires an incredible combination of athleticism, hand-eye coordination, skill, endurance, strength, poise, team work, and more. Every child, even the girls enjoy a sense of physicality and fun that comes with playing this sport.

2) Football /soccer

football kids

Football may seem like a sport that’s more popular in other parts of the world, but it’s actually one of the most commonly played sports in India as well.  Kids as young as 4 years old can participate and the sport’s fast pace allows it to hold the attention of kids who would frequently get bored playing other sports. Football helps the kids develop muscle strength, agility, stamina, concentration and helps them manage their weight. It is a high-intensity overall sport that kids can’t seem to get enough off. Inspired by their favorite footballers like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, this sport is a sense of national vulnerability among the kids and youth of today.

3) Badminton

badminton kids

Badminton, one of the most popular sports among kids is a racket game played by 2 people (singles), but it can also be played by 4 people (doubles). The objective of this game is to hit a birdie over the net and into the opponent’s court in such a way that it can’t be returned. It is a movement oriented game which requires one to be quick on one’s feet and be thorough with footwork. This sport increases endurance power, balance, flexibility, and fight against modern ailments such as anxiety, stress, and weight gain.

 4) Swimming

kids swimming in a pool

The minute the summer vacations creep in, all the kids on the streets go missing. Where do they disappear to you wonder? Well, to the pools of course! Swimming is one of the most popular sports among children because it is a fantastic aerobic activity which uses every one of the body’s major muscle groups, a low-impact activity that increases flexibility while also improving balance and posture and remains the sport which is least likely to cause injuries in kids. And let’s face it, its super fun!

5) Cricket

cricket kids

Cricket is not just a game in this country; it is almost a religion. To such an extent that in each street, each gully, from cities to the rural areas you can see children playing this sport and few even aspiring to go big or go home and take it up as their career.  Bowling, batting and catching the ball require gross motor skills. These are such activities that make the large body muscles to work. In the game of cricket, it is very important to maintain the stamina for long hours and the hand-eye coordination is an important skill that can be learned from this game. All the oldies would agree and call this sport a terror that disturbs their peace of mind with endless balls flying into their balconies but it is definitely the most loved sport by the children.

In my opinion, parents should take it upon themselves to identify their children’s forte of sports and help them pursue the same by starting off at an early age because the benefits a child reaps from playing sports are infinite. To name a few, Participating in a sport reduces the risk of childhood obesity, which is also linked to juvenile diabetes.  Each of the sport mentioned above aids in disciplining a child and helps him develop skills like leadership and fairness in teamwork from which he develops a sense of self-esteem. The child may even go on ahead to take his or her favorite sport up as their career, which is not just a personal gain but also brings in a sense of national pride as well.

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