PLAYING KABBADI | Whether it’s the pro kabaddi league popularizing this sport like a new wave epidemic among the youths of today or just the fact that people like to go back to their roots, the excitement and zest you experience while playing this sport is way more than just mere words can explain.

It’s not just the thrill of this sport but many undeniable benefits one can reap by indulging in kabaddi that has led to the rise in demand for this sport to such a massive extent.

So here are five benefits of playing kabaddi:

1) Stamina

Since the game is played in such a way that it requires you to chant the word ‘kabaddi’ repeatedly without taking a breath, this in itself will increase your endurance and help stretch out your breathing capacity.

Controlling one’s breath is a powerful form of yoga, and when combined with the hard physical activity that this sport demands, it will help in developing stamina and concentration.

2) Speed

The game requires you to be quick on your feet for attack and defense and think faster to come up with strategies in your mind to steal the win, all while holding your breath.

This will help you become much faster in terms of your physical and mental abilities even outside your game because of your quick reflexes which are developed over time.

3) Agility

It’s safe to say that running, kicking, dodging, and feigning are few of the skills that are essential for the game.  Overtime by playing the sport you tend to take over these skills, leading to stronger muscles and hence leaving your movements agiler.

4) Multitasking abilities

To boost our productivity many of us indulge in multitasking but may not end up successful. In a world that requires one to multitask, the people who can are more efficient and effective.

Kabaddi is the epitome of multitasking. You have to play attack, defense and think of game-winning strategies all at the same time while holding your breath which naturally increases your concentration and enhances your ability to multitask.

5) Enhance your presence of mind

Since the game requires the player to be multi-tasters, the game, in turn, calls for pro-activeness, crisis management, SWOT and understanding the opponents’ strategy, which are the few life skills one can take with them for life. These complex skills help in enhancing your presence of mind.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Kabaddi is also a high-intensity game which is an excitement-filled, fun to play, and proven to be a great stress buster. So form your teams, hold your breath, start chanting ‘kabaddi kabaddi’, and go grab your win!

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