How often do you play football? How much do you love the sport? Well, Such a lame question to go about right 😛 Come on! Who doesn’t love football? But do you have any idea about the kind of Benefits you get out of playing the sport. No?

Well, go ahead and read what you might gain out of this awesome-sauce sport!  And if you are not playing football today, get yourself back on the grounds right now!

  1. Your Best Team-Player award at work is not so far away

    Football builds Team work

Boss doesn’t like you huh? Well, the Golden days of your triumph are not so far away. Start playing football today. It develops your team-work skills, makes you flexible, increases your productivity and makes you less prone to stress. With all these beauties in your bag, the “Best Team-Player” award is well within the grabs.

  1. There’s gonna be Teena, Meena and Sabreena following you everywhere

    Football makes you super famous

Been Single for too long? 😛 Hell! This sport is gonna make you super-famous. I don’t know why but Girls always have a thing for Footballers. The eye-catching tricks, the beauty of the kicks and goals, the shirt-ripping moments! You’ve got every single girl in your pocket, I tell you man!

  1. “You got the Best Bod for a Suit Bud”, says Your Bestie

    Football makes you a hotshot

You never get your Bestie to praise you every single day. Besties are meant to pull your legs. But once in a while, when you look terrific, he’s gonna be absolutely honest with you. Playing Football quite often tones down your muscles and gives you a chiselled look. You could carry out a perfect body and hear your friend go “Stud look hai Bhai”!

  1. Early to Football, Every day to Football makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and What not?

    Football helps you increase immunity

All of us are familiar with this age-old saying “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” And the same applies for Football. You could garner a ton of health benefits by playing frequently which include:

  • Improves your breathing and regulates blood flow
  • Muscles get toned and Bones gain strength
  • Clears unnecessary fat in your body
  1. Football helps you understand Maths (or) The Vice-Versa

    Football makes you a math genius

So every time your mumma told you “Score a Centum in Maths beta”, I bet you went “Arre ma! Where am I gonna apply maths in real life?” Little did you know that Maths comes handy in Football and Football helps you improve your analytical skills. David Sumpter has written a book called Soccermatics to explain how mathematics can help the Football teams to improve their performance and you can get this guide in a click.


I bet the last one sure threw you by surprise. If you are a Football Freak, well, don’t quit. Keep playing to enjoy all the benefits. If it has been a while since you kicked out a few Brazuccas, Buddy it’s time. Make a move already and knock some sweat out.

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